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Indonesian Restaurant Gado Gado was Burglarized Over the Weekend

Plus, Rimsky-Korsakoffee House hits its fundraising goal, and ORLA launches a legal fund for restaurants

A round bar at Gado Gado, with white chairs
The bar at Gado Gado
Molly J. Smith/EPDX

Gado Gado Was the Victim of Yet Another Burglary This Last Weekend

Indonesian restaurant Gado Gado was burglarized this last weekend. At some point late on Friday, December 11 or early Saturday, December 12, perpetrators jimmied open the front door and absconded with a number of items, among them computers, bottles of alcohol, and some personal belongings, co-owner Mariah Pisha-Duffly tells Eater. Known for its heavily aromatic, flavorful Southeast Asian dishes, Gado Gado and its spin-off restaurant, Oma’s Takeaway, have experienced multiple break-ins this year. While burglaries are always rough on a business, 2020 makes them cut even deeper. “I realize whoever did this was in a desperate state,” says Pisha-Duffly. “But it’s been a hard year to catch a break and such a hard financial time for restaurants. These setbacks feel really big.”

A Fundraising Success Keeps a Beloved Portland Cafe Open

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House, a Portland institution beloved for its timelessly quirky decor, delicious desserts and coffee drinks, and live music, has hit its goal for the fundraiser that was started just last week. Concerned for the venerable establishment’s future during the pandemic, customers and workers alike took to GoFundMe to raise $20,000, hitting the goal in just shy of a week. Rather than secure additional funds, the restaurant froze the fundraiser, asking people to spend their assets around town at the places that needed it. Rimsky will be using the money raised to transition from cash-only to accepting online orders, as well as to pay necessary bills and recoup losses.

ORLA Starts a Legal Fund for Restaurants

The Oregon Restaurant and Lodge Association, a local organization that represents numerous members of the hospitality industry, has announced the formation of a legal defense fund. According to a statement released by ORLA, the fund provides financial resources to restaurants, bars, and hotels dealing with legal issues relating to the ongoing struggles of the industry amidst the pandemic. “No operator should have to pay exponential increases in their unemployment insurance rates or normal costs for county health inspections or on-premises alcohol consumption licenses as if 2020 was another normal year of operation,” says ORLA president and CEO Jason Brandt. Funds will be distributed on a case-by-case level, it seems.

In Other News…

  • Cuban restaurant Meridian 7 appears to have closed: Its website is no longer accessible, and Google lists the venue as being permanently closed. The restaurant and club opened in April of 2019, focusing on Cuban drinks and grilled meats. [Eater Wire]
  • Salem is getting a new market and cafe, as Lively Station Eatery and Market takes over the space formerly home to Robert’s Crossing. The cozy restaurant and bar was one of the first to close in the state’s capital during the pandemic. [Statesman Journal]
  • Portland is getting yet another delivery-only ghost kitchen, this time in the form of casual Japanese chain Krispy Rice. Apparently, Chrissy Teigen and Justin Bieber are both fans, which may or may not play well in Portland. [Portland Mercury]

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