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One of the City’s Rising Star Bagel Shops Is Expanding to St. Johns

Ben & Esther’s Bagels will move into the spot previously home to Bernstein’s

Ben & Esther’s Bagels’ lox bagel
Lox bagel sandwich at Ben & Esther’s Bagels
Aaron Lee Photography/Official

St. Johns residents still grieving the loss of Bernstein’s will soon have a new bagel shop to frequent: Ben & Esther’s Bagels, a New York-style bagel shop and deli in Roseway, will open a second locale in the North Portland neighborhood. The new spot will open on March 7 in the space previously inhabited by Bernstein’s, and will have an identical menu to the original location.

Owner Justin King, who named the store after his grandparents, says he wasn’t planning on opening a second location so soon, but when the opportunity presented itself he had to jump on it. The menus will look the same with New York style bagels, matzo ball soups, lox, whitefish, and sandwiches, but the new space is about half the size of the first, so there will be a greater emphasis on take-out — the deli will have probably only a single table inside, with some additional seating on the back patio in the summertime.

Ben& Esther’s will be open at 8408 N Lombard Street from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Ben & Esther's St. Johns

8408 N Lombard Street, Portland, OR Visit Website