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A Number of Restaurants Once Open For Takeout and Delivery Have Closed Last Week

Closures continue across the city in the face of COVID-19

Bang Bang happy hour wings
Happy hour wings as the temporarily shuttered Bang Bang
Katana Triplett/Official

As COVID-19 continues to spread in Oregon, Portland restaurant owners have been approaching the fallout in a variety of ways: Expanding takeout and curbside pick-up options, closing to dine-in customers, offering house-made hand sanitizer.

Gov. Kate Brown announced that all restaurants and bars need to ban onsite consumption starting March 17, meaning food and beverage businesses are limited to takeout and delivery only. While some restaurants and bars considered the possibility of takeout and pickup, the overhead costs and health risks have made this a tough challenge for several businesses. Therefore, many restaurants have made the tough decision to close temporarily-but-entirely to wait out the outbreak, following the mass waves of closures in places like Seattle and New York. Below, a list of the restaurants that have decided to temporarily close amid the outbreak:

The Latest

Raven and Rose

The upscale English and Irish restaurant has suspended its family-style takeout menu for the time being, but an Instagram post says the restaurant plans to come back with takeout service down the line.


The fried chicken food cart transitioned to giving out free meals financed by donations after restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms across town. However, owner Justin Hintze decided the other day to close in order to promote social distancing. He’ll consider reopening in a few weeks.

Kim Jong Grillin’

A well-loved Portland food cart, Korean spot Kim Jon Grillin’ was open for a while for delivery and takeout, but closed in order to supply the community with some free meals. Owner Han Hwang plans on reopening as soon as possible.


An Indian food cart that was providing no-questions-asked free meals to those in need shut up shop on March 23. Owner Deepak Saxena posted to Instagram that if and when he reopened, he would keep pay-it-forward meals on the menu from there on out.

Bang Bang

A sleek spot for Thai curry bowls and cocktails, Bang Bang was open for a bit for takeout and delivery, but has joined its sister shops Aalto Lounge and Wonderly in closing indefinitely.

Acadia Bistro

A cozy bistro with New Orleans cuisine, Acadia Bistro tried out a takeout menu for a little while, but closed after a few days in the interest of public safety.

Ps and Qs

A cute market and deli up in Woodlawn kept its market open for a while for guests to come get a sandwich or some pantry staples, but decided to close shop entirely a few days later. The team is currently in the process of figuring out an online store for beer, wine, and sundries.

Bruce Carey Restaurants

Bluehour, ClarkLewis, 23Hoyt, and Saucebox have all closed.

Other Closings

Matt’s BBQ and Matt’s BBQ Tacos

Despite a brief attempt to stay open and retain its two-dozen employees, beloved barbecue cart Matt’s BBQ and its spin-off Matt’s BBQ Tacos are both closed. Owner Matt Vicedomini plans to open again in April with a revamped program for the new environment.


Filipino restaurant Magna from Carlo LaMagna has closed temporarily, after briefly transitioning to takeout and delivery. “We are tired,” an Instagram post reads. “After a lot of sleepless nights and early mornings, we as a team have agreed it is time to call it for now. For the safety of the staff and everyone around us, we are going to take a breather and reset, reevaluate, and rebuild.” The team plans on serving free meals for the community, as well.

Albina Press

The group of local coffee shops with two locations in Portland and one in Vancouver closed its doors today. Employees of the shops launched a fundraiser to try and raise money for the suddenly out of work staff members.

Grand Army Tavern

Italian-American restaurant Grand Army Tavern and its adjoining pasta restaurant Campana have closed. “Unfortunately takeaway is not a viable way for us to continue operating at this time. We are holed up at home waiting for this to blow over,” a social media post reads.

Dave Machado Restaurants

All of restaurateur Dave Machado’s properties are now closed: rooftop restaurant and taphouse Altabira, wine shop Pullman Winebar and Merchant, bakery Citizen Baker, Italian restaurant Nel Centro, and new American restaurant Tanner Creek Tavern have closed shop for the time being.

Il Solito

Italian-American hotel restaurant and cocktail bar Il Solito has closed for the time being. There’s a possibility for delivery and takeout down the road.

Red Star Tavern

Hotel bar and restaurant Red Star Tavern has closed for the time being. The team is exploring options for curbside pickup and delivery.


Every hotel, restaurant, and bar in the expansive McMenamins group has closed temporarily, excluding the company’s 23rd Avenue Bottle Shop. Around 3,000 employees were laid off as a part of the closure.

Hat Yai, Paadee, Langbaan, Eem

Prominent Thai restaurateur Earl Ninsomhad originally planned on sticking to takeout and delivery, but Ninsom announced that the restaurants will close temporarily instead; that includes both Hat Yai locations, Paadee, Langbaan, and Eem.

Beast & Expatriate

Naomi Pomeroy’s fine dining restaurant and sibling bar will both close temporarily, after considering the possibility of delivery or takeout. “We just cannot be assured that the costs of this (both fiscally and in terms of the costs to our employees and customers) wouldn’t outweigh the benefits, during the most dangerous period of the COVID-19 response,” the restaurant group’s public statement reads.


The beloved westside luncheonette has closed for service in response to the government mandate. “I am committed to keeping all staff employed as I am confident we will get through this together,” an Instagram post announcing the closure reads.

Han Oak

The Kerns Korean restaurant and Eater 38 stalwart talked about potentially getting into takeout and delivery, but because the family lives in the restaurant space, the team is going to keep the area safe and close the restaurant altogether. “It’s hard because everybody’s pivoting to takeout and delivery, but you could get into a lot of trouble,” chef and owner Peter Cho told the Oregonian. “What if somebody is incubating the disease without symptoms? What are you going to do, send meals home to families with a false sense of security?”

Le Pigeon & Canard

Gabriel Rucker’s legendary Burnside restaurants have both closed to the public for four weeks. “We have more questions than answers,” the closing announcement reads. “However, we know that keeping our employees and guests safe is of the utmost importance.”

Ataula, Masia & 180 Xurros

The Eater 38 Spanish favorite and its very newly opened sibling restaurant and churro counter have closed for the next four weeks. The team at Ataula looked into the possibility of curbside delivery or takeout, but a note on the closures says it “doesn’t look feasible.”

Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions’ namesake restaurants in Southeast and Northwest locations are closed until further notice, as are the Meaty & Melty food cart and Olympia Provisions Public House location at Oregon City Brewing. Olympia Provisions’ Public House is open for pickup and delivery through Caviar.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza and Checkerboard Pizza

Influential Portland pizzerias Ken’s Artisan Pizza and Checkerboard Pizza have closed until further notice. “It’s the only option my conscience allows,” owner Ken Forkish said in a press release. “This is gutting, but know this: we will be back.” He hopes to rehire the same staff as soon as the pizzerias reopen.

Pip’s Original

Instead of doing delivery service, Pip’s will close for the foreseeable future. “We enjoyed one last family supper together with our employees and it was a beautiful time,” the Instagram post reads. “They got to share how much they love their job and we saw their tears of sadness for this shop and the place the world has found itself in.”

Screen Door

The team at Screen Door, like many others, originally planned to stick to takeout and delivery, but instead the restaurant has closed entirely. Co-owner Nicole Mouton told the Oregonian that, after testing out the delivery model on March 16, the number of takeout orders was too low to offset the cost of keeping on staff.

Hey Love & Doug Fir Lounge

The verdant bar and restaurant within the Jupiter Hotel Next has closed for the next four weeks, as has the restaurant and venue within the original Jupiter Hotel. “Both restaurants are navigating takeout options in hopes of implementing that possibility soon,” a statement reads.

Angel Face

The Kerns area bar known for its lack of cocktail menu and decor has closed to the public. Its sibling restaurants, Luce and Navarre, are temporarily closed, but should reopen on Friday with takeout options.

Noble Rot

The rooftop restaurant and wine bar has temporarily closed its dining room.


Mississippi area restaurant Radar will be closed indefinitely.

Bar Norman

The natural wine bar on SE Clinton has closed its tasting room, per a long and heartfelt note on its Instagram. Read the whole thing here.

Tube, Maxwell, Fortune, Century

The bars co-owned by Portland’s Eric Bowler will close temporarily during the outbreak “for the time being,” including popular hip pseudo-sports bar Century and Old Town’s Tube, Fortune, and Maxwell. Bowler says that his staff has been “relieved” by the closure, although those employees will go on the state’s emergency unemployment program with benefits. Bowler is also a co-owner at Revelry, and he says there will be an announcement regarding that business soon.

The Old Gold, Paydirt, Tough Luck, and Hi-Top Tavern

The collection of bars from Three on a Match announced plans to close all of its bars today, March 16, which includes favorites from Kerns to North Killingsworth. “We’ll do everything in our power to assist our incredible staff during this difficult time and we promise we will be back as soon as we are allowed,” the Instagram post reads.


Italian stalwart Nostrana has announced that it will close “for now” amid the COVID-19 outbreak. “Stay home. Stay well,” the post reads. “Let’s look back on this as an inspiring time when communities came together to mitigate this crisis, by sharing resources, information, and support.”

Ok Omens & Castagna

The Hawthorne wine bar and fine dining restaurant will both close indefinitely in response to the spread of COVID-19, with employees going on unemployment in the meantime. “We hope that everyone is taking care of each other and is staying safe during these hard and troubling times,” the post reads. “It is our responsibility during this time to close our doors until further notice to ensure that our guests, employees, and community are safe during this pandemic.”

Gracie’s Apizza

North Portland pizzeria Gracie’s announced its decision to close “indefinitely” on March 15 related to the COVID-19 outbreak in Oregon. Owner Craig Melillo says he will re-evaluate the possibility of reopening in two weeks. “We must be proactive now, not reactive,” an Instagram post announcing the closure reads. “It’s emotionally devastating and will be very financially destructive. But I am so fortunate we are prepared to make it through this and I will support my people with every bit.”


SE Division’s Cuban bar announced it would temporarily close after service on March 15 “until public health officials state it is safe to return to normal social interaction.” During its last service, the restaurant offered free meals to service industry staff, amid the larger wave of closures.


The Icelandic-Northwestern restaurant within the Kex hotel made the choice to close after brunch service on March 15, planning to close the hotel on March 19 once the last guest checks out. The closure will last for four weeks at least; the whole team will re-evaluate whether or not the restaurant will reopen after the four-week period. This closure is one of the several connected to the Chefstable restaurant group; however, many others associated with the company may soon begin providing takeout or delivery.


Bar and arcade Quarterworld decided to close its arcade March 14, to ensure a clean, safe environment for employees and patrons. The arcade hopes to reopen on April 3, though the team will evaluate the risk at that point. Quarterworld will also stream games on its Twitch channel as frequently as possible via its Twitch channel.

El Gaucho

Portland’s El Gaucho steakhouse, along with all the other Pacific Northwestern locations of the steakhouse brand, suspended operations following dinner service March 14. El Gaucho’s team is hoping to reopen within the next eight weeks, but all employees are eligible for unemployment benefits on standby status during that time. All team members who are currently enrolled will be put on COBRA, and employees and their dependents will receive 100-percent-full-employer-paid premiums through the month of April.

Skyline Tavern

Forest Park watering hole Skyline Tavern announced on social media that it would temporarily close during the novel coronavirus outbreak. “In light of recent health concerns, we’ve decided to close our business until we feel it’s safe and responsible to open back up for the joyful public gatherings we are known for,” the Instagram post reads. In the meantime, employees will be offered alternative work opportunities or the option to stay home. The bar’s perishable food has been distributed to the company’s employees and families to reduce waste, and the company will use the time closed to deep-clean the building and property.

This story will be updated with more Portland-area coronavirus-related closures. Have you heard of a restaurant, bar, or food-related business closing because of the COVID-19 outbreak? Please let us know via the tipline.

Updated March 16, 2020, 4:25 p.m.
This story has been updated to include Gov. Kate Brown’s latest comments.

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