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Seven OHSU Food Service Workers Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Plus, Oregon has set aside more money for food stamps

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) campus on the Marquam hill with an aerial tram going to the terminal.
Alexander Oganezov/Shutterstock
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

As the COVID-19 outbreak in Oregon continues to impact the local restaurant market, stories are popping up across the city, from food cart owners giving away free meals to chefs starting Instagram cooking classes. In this new version of AM Intel, we dive into different ways the state’s food service industry has been responding to the global pandemic. For more COVID-19 stories, check out our larger story stream.

POSITIVE TESTS Seven food service employees at OHSU have tested positive for COVID-19. Union officials claim the department, which runs the hospital’s cafeterias and covers food service for patients, ignored the hospital’s safety policy and didn’t limit crowds in cafeterias, also frowning upon employees who took sick leave. Department officials say that employees who tested positive were immediately sent home, and did not work while symptomatic. [Lund Report]

FOOD STAMP AIDOregon is setting aside an extra $60 million for food stamps, to accommodate the growing food insecure population amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. The money is meant to be split between April and May to increase the monthly aid amount. [Oregonian]

COCKTAILS TO-GO — Robbie Wilson, the co-owner of the cocktail bar Botanist, has released a petition asking Governor Kate Brown to allow bars to sell cocktails to go, similar to states like Washington, New York, and California. The request is meant to be a temporary measure to help bars stay profitable. [EaterWire]