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A picture of a cheese-and-egg bread boat, cut so the yolk drips, at Dediko

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A Guide to Eating and Drinking in Vancouver, Washington Right Now

Where to find takeout, grocery delivery, and booze on the other side of the river

| Sue O’Bryan/EPDX

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants across the country have faced a choice of either closing down or pivoting to a takeout or delivery model. On March 15, many Vancouver, Washington restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms following a stay-at-home order from Gov. Jay Inslee, which the governor recently extended to May 4; in response, restaurants, bars, and farms have adjusted to new business models accommodating the change.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is allowing bars and restaurants to sell beer, wine, and liquor curbside and to make alcohol deliveries. Many local bars and restaurants are selling unopened bottles of alcohol with food orders.

Beyond takeout and delivery of food and alcohol, Vancouver businesses are seeking new ways to make money and to meet the changing needs of customers by adding new products and services, like grocery delivery, CSAs, farms boxes and more. Farmers, with the farmers markets closed and restaurants ordering less products, are finding new ways to directly sell to home cooks with online ordering and convenient pick up spots in downtown Vancouver.

The following is a roundup of businesses in Vancouver that offer meals, groceries, and alcohol via takeout and, sometimes, delivery. Those who can’t bring themselves to cook yet one more meal can support local businesses by ordering off of this list. Please note that this list is not intended to be comprehensive, and will be updated regularly with new options. Things are changing rapidly so it’s a good idea to call ahead to find out hours of operation and updated ordering methods.

Restaurant Takeout and Delivery

Rally Pizza

What to get: This pizza and frozen custard spot owned and operated by Ken’s Artisan Pizza alumni, Alan Maniscalco and Shan Wickham, is known for pizza classics like their Margherita and local veggie driven creations like the Plant Power pizza with cashew cream and roasted veggies. The meatballs and greens made with Reister Farms lamb travel well; as does the Devil’s Food concrete with an entire slice of chocolate cake mixed into Rally’s own vanilla frozen custard.

How to get it: Call (360) 524-9000 or order online at DoorDash delivery available through the website.

Szechuan Brothers

What to get: Sister restaurant to Portland fan favorite Duck House, Vancouver’s Szechuan Brothers is back with delivery options. Notable dishes include the wontons in chili oil, dan dan noodles, mapo tofu, and cumin lamb skewers.
How to get it: Available for pick up at 13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd B5; delivery is available via Postmates, Grub Hub, and DoorDash.


What to get: Not even a year old, Vancouver Georgian restaurant Dediko has switched to a takeout model featuring a special menu of customer favorites, including khinkali (handmade oversized savory dumplings), as well as khachapuri adajaruli, a bread boat filled with fresh cheese and topped with butter and egg yolk.
How to get it: Call (360) 314-4370 and pick up at 210 W Evergreen Blvd, #700

Amaro’s Table

What to get: Like many of its contemporaries, this downtown Vancouver chandeliered bistro has converted to a to-go model. Menu highlights include a wild salmon Niçoise salad, crispy classic fried chicken, and a litany of tasty sandwiches and pastas. Plus, Amaro’s Table is also offering tall bottles of cocktail mix; flavors rotate, with options like the Dragon Bloom with magnolia blossom, green tea, dragon fruit, lemon, grapefruit, and tobacco bitters.
How to get it: Call (360) 718-2941 and pick up at 1220 Main St #100.

Frontier Public House

What to get: In the I-5 corridor just north of downtown, Frontier Public House is offering a to-go menu as well as delivery, with fan favorites like the creamed corn quesadilla, chicken and dumplings, and smoked salmon BLTs.
How to get it: Located at 4909 NE Hazel Dell Avenue for takeout, as well as delivery via DoorDash.

La Bottega

What to get: Part Italian eatery and part Italian deli, La Bottega continues to serve Vancouver on both fronts. The restaurant is offering half-priced bottles of wine as well as a full menu of Italian dishes, including crowd favorites like Gorgonzola cheesecake, smoked mushroom ravioli, and chicken saltimbocca.
How to get it: Delivery is done in-house but only to a certain radius; call (360) 571-5010 for more information.

Nonavo Pizza

What to get: Knockout Vancouver pizzeria Nonavo continues to serve Vancouverites scratch-made pizza and local vegetable dishes. The full menu is available including ever-popular options like the Bolognese Pie, Hazelnut Pie, and Burrata Pie.
How to get it: Order takeout by calling (360) 843-9696, online at, or delivery through Postmates. Pick up orders at 110 West 6th Street.

The Smokin Oak

What to get: Vancouver barbecue pit Smokin Oak continues to keep its smokers lit offering a full menu of Texas-style barbecue, including several meats by weight or unit. These include brisket and pulled pork, as well as sausage links, roasted chicken, and racks of ribs. Old Fashioned kits and bottles of alcohol are available.
How to get it: Call (360) 433-2755 and pick up at 501 Columbia Street. Delivery is available via Postmates.

Thai Terrace

What to get: Vancouver Thai kitchen Thai Terrace, located just north of the Glenn Jackson Bridge directly along the I-205 corridor, is serving a full menu of Thai classics like tom yum and tom kha soups, richly spiced curries, and skillfully prepared noodle dishes.
How to get it: Call (360) 256-8424 to place an order for takeout at 700 SE Chkalov Drive. Delivery is available via Grub Hub.

Little Conejo

What to get: Beloved Vancouver taco shop Little Conejo is offering a menu available for pickup orders, as well as taco and margarita kits for home cooking. Top taco choices include the restaurant’s fried fish pescado, caramelized beef suadero, and charred poblano rajas.
How to get it: Order online for pickup or call (360) 718-2633; orders are available for pickup at 114 West 6th Street.

Los Alambres

What to get: This recently opened spot features food from the Hernandez family’s hometown of Mexico City. Generously portioned tortas, fresh tacos, and refreshing agua frescas in flavors like hibiscus, tamarind, and pineapple fill the menu. Their namesake dish, the alambre is a platter of grilled sausage, asada, peppers, and onions draped in a generous sprinkling of melted cheese and served with warm corn tortillas.
How to get: Call 360-859-3747 or order online at

Su Casa Marquez

What to get: This homey Fourth Plain restaurant is known for extensive menu of burritos, tacos, sopes, huaraches, quesadillas, and papusas.
How to get: Call 360-448-6127 to place an order

Kiawe Island Bistro

What to get: East Vancouver Hawaiian kitchen Kiawe Island Bistro continues to churn out the restaurant’s classics, like crispy chicken japolo bowls, katsu fries, and teriyaki chicken and lechon plates.
How to get it: Call 360-254-5544 to place an order in advance, to be picked up at 212 NE 164th Avenue, Suite 12. Check the restaurant’s Facebook for the most up-to-date menu items.

Nom Nom Restaurant & Grill

What to get: This chic Vietnamese and Thai restaurant in downtown Vancouver is offering a menu of appetizers like fresh salad rolls, Vietnamese lettuce wraps, and tofu fries and salads; as well as entrees like their Nom Nom Bowl with vermicelli noodles topped with vegetables and lemongrass chicken spiked with fish sauce. Bottles of liquor can be bought with food orders.
How to get it: Text 360-553-1045 or email with your name, order, address, phone number, and specify take out or delivery. Delivery fee is $5.

Ingrid’s Goodstreetfood & Paleo Grill

What to get: Uptown Village health-conscious cafe offers bowls, wraps, and salads with plenty of options for various diets and tastes. The Paleo bowl with Ingrid’s own coconut rice cauliflower with choice of protein is a classic; as is the violet-colored roasted beet hummus.
How to get it: Call 360-921-7802, place your order and pay by credit card, drive up to the restaurant and your order will be brought out to you.


What to get: Those seeking something sweet can find any number of options to last the week through Treat’s online curbside pickup. Boxes come filled with things like salted chocolate chip cookies, brookies, ding dongs, donuts; plus, the dessert shop is offering pints of ice cream in flavors like fruity pebble cereal milk and double dark chocolate.
How to get it: Orders are placed online through by Thursday night. Curbside pick up is on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 210 West Evergreen Blvd, #600.

Pho Vi Van

What to get: East Vancouver Vietnamese Restaurant known for its fragrant, soothing pho and extensive vegetarian menu. The wonton egg noodle soup, spicy bun bo hue, and satisfying vegetarian pho with tofu and vegetables are standouts on the long menu of soups.
How to get it: Call 360-232-6678 or order through DoorDash.

The Diner

What to get: This 1950s themed spot was created by Meals on Wheels People to encourage intergenerational social interaction. The menu features all day breakfast classics like buttermilk pancakes, biscuits and gravy, as well as comforting diner staples like burgers, chicken pot pie, and meatloaf.
How to get it: Call 360-859-3338. Proceeds from The Diner help feed senior citizens in the area.

How to Find Groceries (Outside of the Grocery Store)

Rally Pizza

What to get: Homey staples including granola, fresh baked semolina bread with a sesame seed crust, blondies, and rhubarb jam; pantry items like Shepard’s Grain Flour and Water Avenue coffee beans; and, pizza making materials like pizza dough, hand-pulled mozzarella, and pizza sauce.
How to get it: Order online at for pickup at 8070 E Mill Plain Blvd.

La Bottega

What to get: Grab-and-go ravioli, pasta dishes, lasagna, sauces, and bone broth; Italian pantry staples like dried pasta, dried beans, capers, and anchovies; fresh produce, eggs, milk, butter and loaves of Grand Central Bakery bread.
How to get it: Call (360) 571-5010 or stop by the restaurant at 1905 Main Street. Delivery is available up to 139th Street and out to 205 for a 15 percent charge.

Red Truck Farm

What to get: A $25 farm box with freshly picked spring favorites like lettuce mix, pea shoots, kale raab, collard greens, and potatoes.
How to get it: Boxes can be ordered by emailing Red Truck Farm at Pick up at Rally Pizza.

Flat Tack Farm

What to get: Farm boxes filled with fresh spring vegetables like baby leeks and a mix of broccoli, kale, arugula and mizuna raab.
How to get it: Their inventory and CSA registration can be found on the CSA site Harvie. Pick up at Elements Restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

Reister Farms

What to get: Lamb sustainably and humanely raised on 130 acres in Washougal. Weekly pick spot in Vancouver for farm fresh eggs, and cuts of lamb like leg of lamb, osso bucco, loin chops, ground lamb, and pepperoni sticks.
How to get it: Send a message through their Facebook page.

Gather and Feast Farm

What to get: Vegetables like salad blends, kale raab, as well as duck and chicken eggs, herbs, shiitake mushrooms, plants, and seeds.
How to get it: Order through Gather and Feast’s new online store. Pick up at Gather and Feast Farm at 2706 NE 369th Street, in La Center, or Crave Catering at 1324 SE 8th Avenue in Portland.

Vancouver Farmers Market’s Virtual Store

What to get: The Vancouver Farmers Market has a virtual store tab on its website to connect shoppers with farmers market favorites like Ash Tree Farms mushrooms and hot sauce from Silagy Sauce.
How to get it: Go to the Vancouver Farmers Market’s website, and click on Shop Our Virtual Market.

Clark Farm 2 Go

What to get: Clark County Conservation District recently launched this website to connect farmers to customers. The website includes things like produce, meat, eggs, pantry items, and plants.
How to get it: Go to to place an order for pickup or delivery.

A takeout box filled with noodles in chili sits on a wooden table with a fork in it.
Cincinnati chili at Slow Fox Chili Parlor
Rachel Pinsky/EPDX

Food Trucks

Slow Fox Chili Parlor

What to get: Serving food out of a window located within a small brick square in downtown Vancouver, Slow Fox Chili Parlor continues to sell its impressive to-go fare to the SW Washington masses. Notable menu items include any of the delectable chilis, the hearty meatloaf sandwich, and the spice-rubbed spare ribs.
How to get it: Call (360) 721-0634 and pickup at 108 East 7th Street, Suite B or just stop by and order. Delivery is available via Grubhub.

Hazel Dell Commons

What to get: This food cart pod outside of Brothers Cascadia Brewing is home to a number of stellar food trucks, including The Hungry Sasquatch Pizza Cart, La Oie Cajun Cuisine, and Bahn Mi Saigon. The Hungry Sasquatch is known for its wood fired pizza, with pies like the classic Margherita and the Octo Squatch with pesto, octopus, and ghost peppers. La Oie has small bites like their crab croquettes, as well as po’boys, shrimp etouffee, and beignets. Bahn Mi Saigon has its namesake Vietnamese sandwiches and rice dishes; the grilled pork bahn mi sandwich topped with a fried egg is reliably satisfying.
How to get it: Stop by and order at 9811 Northeast 15th Avenue.

Fourth Plain Taco Trucks

Delicious Tacos

What to get: The words written on this bright yellow food truck are no lie: These tacos are delicious. Mother and daughter team, Camerina and Carolina Arciga, cook dishes from their home state of Michoacan, Mexico, as well as tacos filled with asada, pastor, pollo, chorizo, tripe, shrimp, and lengua. Burritos, gorditos, mulitas, and asada fries are also on the menu.
How to get it: Call (360) 921-6709 or stop by and order at 3105 NE Andersen Road.

La Costena

What to get: Tacos, burritos, tortas, sopes made with meat choices like asada, lengua, pastor, chorizo, chicken, carnitas, or cabeza are freshly made. Handmade tortillas cost extra.
How to get it: This place is cash only. Call (360) 869-5334 or stop by and order at 4712 NE 4th Plain Blvd, right next to Butcher Boys.

La Raza Taqueria 100% Chingon

What to get: This truck is known for its barbacoa and meaty tacos made with freshly grilled handmade tortillas.
How to get it: Call (360) 903-5023 or stop by and order at 4903 Fourth Plain Blvd near the Dairy Queen.

A bar is lined with cans of Locust Cider, including flavors like original dry, dark cherry, honey pear, and vanilla bean.
Cans of cider from Locust

Where to Find Beer, Wine, and Liquor

Brothers Cascadia Brewing

What to get: Food-friendly, day-drinkable The People’s Pilsner or its current Allegro Sour Ale with boysenberries.
How to get it: Call the taproom at (360) 718-8927 to place an order and request delivery.

Trap Door Brewing

What to get: Trap Door’s classic Glowed Up hazy IPA or the new Coffee & Cream, a collaboration with local favorite, Relevant Coffee.
How to get it: Go to their website,, and click on the Online Store tab to place order and request delivery.

Fortside Brewing’s Beer Drive-Thru

What to get: Fortside’s signature beer, Orange Whip; or, bottles from their Palisade series of oak fermented and conditioned wild farmhouse ales can be ordered online and picked up by driving up to the brewery.
How to get it: Bottles, cans, crowlers, and merch can be ordered online at Drive-thru hours are Wednesday through Friday from 4 to 8 p.m., Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m.

Heathen Brewing Feral House

What to get: 16 ounce crowlers to go are available from Heathen’s extensive tap list at their Feral House Public House in downtown Vancouver, including a Belgian saison with basil and rainbow carrots and a tropical blackberry-and-pink-guava sour. Lagers, IPAs, and stouts round out the rest of the tap list. Beer snacks and pub grub from their regular menu can be ordered to go. Heathen’s Brewery has growlers to go.
How to get it: Call Feral Public House 360-836-5255 or 360-601-7454 to place an order.

Loowit Brewing

What to get: This beloved local craft brewery was one of the first to open in downtown Vancouver. Currently on tap are crowlers and cans of Loowit’s crushable offerings, including its legendary Shadow Shinobi IPA, a hazy IPA called Iron Rabbit, Loowit Lager, and a porter. Burgers, sandwiches, and sides like jojos seasoned with cajun seasonings and truffle tots can be ordered to go.
How to get it: Check website for current menu. Call 360-566-2323 to order beer and food. Food can be ordered through Postmates.

Locust Cider Taproom

What to get: Pacific Northwestern cidery Locust Cider offers a takeout menu as well as to-go cider via bottles, six-packs, and growler fills. Food items include several varieties of flat bread pizza as well as snack items like corn dog bites.
How to get it: Order online for pickup at 700 Washington Street.

Ben’s Bottle Shop

What to get: Ben’s has been votes one of the best beer bars in America by for two years in a row. This spacious spot at The Mill has a carefully selected collection of hundreds of beers, wines, mead, sakes, ciders; in addition to, twenty four rotating taps. Full menu of bar snacks and pub grub available.
How to get it: Call 360-314-6209 or stop by. Delivery is available.

Final Draft Taphouse

What to get: 16 ounce cans of local favorites like Brothers Cascadia’s hazy IPA, You Like A’ Da Juice and Grains of Wrath’s dark Vienna Lager. 4 packs and 6 packs are discounted.
How to get it: Place orders online at

Koi Pond Cellars

What to get: Local winemaker Koi Pond Cellars is selling bottles of its pinot noirs, cabernets, and blends through its website.
How to get it: Koi Pond’s downtown tasting room is closed. Orders can be placed online at

The Grocery Cocktail & Social

What to get: Sadly, this cocktail haven is closed. However, owner, Chris “Salty” Reed is selling off his collection of Washington State spirits including Sea Bishop gin and Viscova vodka from Double V Distillery in Battle Ground.
How to get it: Send a direct message through Facebook or Instagram, to set up an appointment for pickup.

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