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An overhead photo of a tray of barbecue, including ribs, a sausage, turkey, cornbread, pulled pork, pickled avocado, potato salad, and barbecue onions
The Pit Master’s Nap from Bark City BBQ
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Where to Find Barbecue in Portland for Takeout or Delivery

Saucy ribs, Jamaican jerk, Korean barbecue, and Texas brisket

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With the onset of spring and summer, as the days get brighter and longer, Portland is transitioning into barbecue season. Luckily, despite Portland dining rooms staying closed as other parts of the state slowly reopen, plenty of Portland’s top spots for barbecue remain open for takeout and delivery.

Talking about barbecue is tricky — People are very devoted to their particular style, and have very specific ideas of what is or is not “barbecue.” Some say that barbecue requires an indirect source of heat, like a smoker. Some people, however, use the word “barbecue” to describe grilled meat, like Korean barbecue. This guide doesn’t just get into Southern barbecue or even mainland American barbecue — from Texan-style brisket and Carolina pulled pork to Korean short ribs and Hawaiian grilled chicken, here’s where to find slow-cooked and grilled meat for takeout and delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that barbecue prices, especially for products like pork and beef, will likely be rising as supply chains across the country are ravaged by the pandemic. Oregon’s reliance on locally sourced meats provides some level of stability, but Portlanders can still expect to be paying more for brisket in the coming days.

Mainland American

Holy Trinity BBQ

Portland’s hottest BBQ newcomer, Holy Trinity sells its slow-smoked meats à la carte by weight, along with sides. The sapphire-toned food cart is open from Friday to Sunday starting at 11 a.m., and tends to sell out of its brisket, ribs, and sausage by the afternoon.
Where to get it: 3582 SE Powell Boulevard
How to get it: Order ahead here.
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Matt’s BBQ

One of Portland’s most beloved barbecue spots and favorite food carts, Matt’s BBQ is offering pre-orders on packages of smoked meats and sides; though the cart requires 48 hours’ notice for orders, they often sell out way beforehand. Pickup times are between 4 and 6:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and noon to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday.
Where to get it: 4233 N Mississippi Avenue
How to get it: Pre-order here
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Bark City BBQ

Something similar to Carolina barbecue, but smoked over Oregon oak for a distinctive style all its own, Bark City BBQ offers barbecue packs of various sizes, plus à la carte orders of ribs, turkey, brisket, pulled pork, and sides. While it’s moved from its home at the Hawthorne Asylum to the Rose City Food Park pod, the cart is still open for pre-orders and limited walk-ups.
Where to get it: 5235 NE Sandy Boulevard
How to get it: Pre-order here
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Podnah’s Pit

A Northeast Portland barbecue mainstay since 2006, Podnah’s Pit is offering a somewhat slimmed-down menu, one that luckily includes the Pitboss, a platter with brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and hot links. It’s currently open Wednesday through Sunday, 4 to 9 p.m. (or until sold out).
Where to get it: 1625 NE Killingsworth Street
How to get it: Call (503) 281-3700 for pickup or order delivery on Caviar
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Cannon’s Rib Express

This longstanding food cart known for its barbecue-sauce-slathered ribs and chicken remains open, though at a new address — the cart has moved to Northeast Killingsworth.
Where to get it: 625 NE Killingsworth
How to get it: Just drop in
Find out more: Call (503) 288-3836

People’s Pig

This Williams barbecue spot remains open for takeout and delivery, with a la carte meats by the pound, sandwiches, and sides. People’s Pig is especially known for its pork shoulder, available on a sandwich, a la carte, or served on a plate with sides like potato salad and black-eyed peas.
Where to get it: 3217 N Williams Avenue
How to get it: Call (503) 282-2800 to place a to-go order, or order delivery through Caviar
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Dinner Bell BBQ

A Glisan barbecue cart with a cult following, Dinner Bell remains open for takeout and delivery during the restaurant shutdown. Dinner Bell’s saucy ribs are a particular favorite, as well as their non-traditional things like barbecue bowls and sliders.
Where to get it: 4400 NE Glisan Street
How to get it: Call (503) 739-0833 to place an order for takeout or order delivery on Postmates
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P & S Premium Smokehouse

This Beaverton food cart is the place to be for St. Louis-style ribs, sausage, and everything in between. P & S now has a second cart in the Park the Carts pod on MLK, for those Portlanders looking for something close in.
Where to get it: 4810 Southwest Western Avenue in Beaverton, or 7339 NE MLK Jr. Blvd in Portland
How to get it: Just stop by, or call (503) 259-8829
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Reverend’s BBQ

A Sellwood-Moreland barbecue spot from the restaurant group behind Laurelhurst Market and Big’s Chicken, Reverend’s includes sandwiches, meat by the pound, and barbecue plates — this includes its excellent chopped bbq pork shoulder, and its St. Louis-cut pork ribs.
Where to get it: 7712 SE 13th Avenue
How to get it: Call (503) 327-8755 to place an order or order delivery on Caviar
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Daddy D’s Southern Style Barbecue

After a brief, meat-shortage-related closure, this longstanding barbecue hotspot on the Washington side of the river is back, reopening both its Woodland and Vancouver locations. The restaurant’s tender ribs remain a hit, especially alongside classic southern sides like collard greens and mac and cheese.
Where to get it: 7204 NE Fourth Plain Blvd in Vancouver or 1243 N Goerig Street in Woodland
How to get it: Stop by for takeout orders.
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Smokin Oak

A Vancouver barbecue spot, Smokin Oak focuses on Texas-style barbecue, including smokey brisket and beef rib specials. The restaurant is running with its full menu most of the time, and occasionally has its food truck extension out and about.
Where to get it: 501 Columbia Street, Vancouver
How to get it: Call (360) 433-2755 to place orders
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Big’s Chicken

Unsurprisingly, Big’s Chicken is focused on one meat, primarily — chicken, which is slow-smoked and served grilled or fried with a truly addictive white barbecue sauce. While the slaw and jojos are excellent accompaniments, the black eyed pea salad shouldn’t be slept on.
Where to get it: 4570 SW Watson Avenue, Beaverton, and 4606 NE Glisan St, Portland.
How to get it: Call 503-747-3190 for Beaverton takeout orders or visit Caviar for Beaverton area delivery. Call 971-255-0358 for Portland takeout orders or visit Caviar for Portland area delivery. Takeout orders are also available for both locations here.
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Smokehouse Tavern

Chef BJ Smith’s barbecue restaurant closed last year, but made its return earlier in May. Smokehouse Tavern serves its barbecue as sandwiches, plates with sides, or as a family dinner package. Its decadent deviled eggs are also back.
Where to get it: 1401 SE Morrison Street #117.
How to get it: Call (503) 231-3609 to place pickup orders or order delivery on Caviar.
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Pine Shed Ribs

The ribs at Pine Shed are worth the trip to Lake Oswego, and for LO residents it’s the place for barbecue. The restaurant is still open for takeout, offering a robust menu of sandwiches, platters, and à la carte meat options.
Where to get it: 17730 Pilkington Road, Lake Oswego
How to get it: Call (503) 635-7427 to order
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Big Kahuna’s BBQ

This St. Johns barbecue spot covers Hawaiian and mainland barbecue options — customers can get kalua pig and pulled brisket by the pound, piled onto sandwiches, or in rice plate lunches with mac salad or brisket chili.
Where to get it: 7123 N Lombard Street
How to get it: Call in orders to (503) 522-4012
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A Korean-Hawaiian food truck with two locations, Namu serves heaping rice bowls of kalua pulled pork, bulgogi beef, teriyaki chicken, or grilled tofu. There are a few other options as well, including an indulgent bulgogi cheese steak and a nice pulled pork sandwich.
Where to get it: 6035 NE Halsey Street and 5029 SE Division Street.
How to get it: Call 971-325-6331 for the NE Halsey location or 971-284-8290 for the Division location to place orders.
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A casual, counter service restaurant, Ate-Oh-Ate is open for takeout at both of its locations. Diners can find pork shoulder slow-roasted in banana leaves, grilled Korean chicken, Korean short ribs, and grilled tofu in a variety of dishes, from rice bowls to sandwiches.
Where to get it: 2454 E. Burnside Street and 5200 SE Woodstock Boulevard
How to get it: Orders can be called in at (503) 445-6101 for Burnside or (971) 865-5984 for Woodstock. Delivery is available through multiple apps.
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808 Grinds

With locations throughout the Portland area, 808 Grinds offers a number of Hawaiian slow-cooked and grilled meats, like shoyu chicken, galbi ribs, teriyaki, and kalua pork.
Where to get it: 10100 SW Park Way in Beaverton, 1035 NE 25th Avenue in Hillsboro, or 5226 SE 26th Avenue (food cart at Gigantic Brewing)
How to get it: Order online or call a location directly for takeout, or order delivery through Uber Eats
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After a brief closure, Ohana’s two Hawaiian cafes — one in Milwaukie, one on Sandy — are both back for pre-order takeout. The restaurant, of course, offers the standards like teriyaki, shoyu chicken, and kalua pork, but it also offers its “Hawaiian barbecue chicken,” a charbroiled chicken dish in its version of barbecue sauce.
Where to get it: 6320 NE Sandy Blvd and 10608 SE Main Street
How to get it: Call (503) 335-5800 to place an order at the Sandy location, and (503) 305-8170 to place an order at the Milwaukie location
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This NE MLK Hawaiian cart’s menu changes often, but the team’s wicked flavorful kalua pig is generally on the menu — served with rice, over nachos, or served alongside the cart’s equally good laulau. The galbi short ribs are another hit, as well as the various Filipino dishes (pancit palabok, anyone?).
Where to get it: 7339 NE MLK
How to get it: Just drop by
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Latin American

Nuestra Cocina

Nuestra Cocina, a long-beloved Southeast Portland Mexican restaurant, was known as a top spot for barbacoa when it was available, as well as its top-notch pollo asado and carne asada. While the barbacoa isn’t consistently on offer right now, the restaurant’s grilled chicken and steak are both regularly available for takeout, as well as the restaurant’s salsas, margarita kits, and more.
Where to get it: 2135 SE Division Street
How to get it: Call (503) 232-2135 to place a takeout order
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Mis Abuelos

This Cartlandia cart is a one-stop shop for barbacoa, or slow-cooked meat like goat, beef, or lamb. Mis Abuelos’ barbacoa de cordero, super-tender lamb meat, comes served in tacos or served with its braising liquid.
Where to get it: 8145 SE 82nd
How to get it: Order on Grubhub or call (503) 358-0393 for takeout
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Tortilleria Y Tienda DeLeon’s

Yes, this deli and market remains open, for those seeking carne asada plates, as well as pounds of guisados and its killer cactus salad.
Where to get it: 16223 NE Glisan St
How to get it: Just drop in from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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For a Latin American steakhouse, Carne’s version is a killer deal, with well-marinated steaks and braised chicken. Currently, Carne is offering family meals packed with grilled meats, black beans, and other treats, with add-ons like South American wines and bottled beers.
Where to get it: 2512 NE Broadway
How to get it: Call (503) 206-6075 to place an order for pickup or delivery.
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This sunny and colorful Mexican restaurant is offering a weekly family meal package, which generally include some kind of grilled meat, from shrimp to pork. The dinners can be picked up from the SE location on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and from the NW location just on Saturdays.
Where to get it: 3715 SE Division Street and 1668 NW 23rd Avenue
How to get it: Fill out online order forms here
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Sokongdong offers everything from heumit goi (beef tongue) to ojingo samgyeopsal (marinated squid with pork belly), including top-sellers like bulgogi and galbi. Plus, Sokongdong is also a tofu house, so the restaurant offers combination plates with both barbecue and soondubu-jjigae.
Where to get it: 2850 SE 82nd Avenue, Suite 11
How to get it: Call (503) 808-9990 to place an order
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K Town Korean Barbecue

This Lents-area Korean barbecue spot is offering a number of Korean dishes, including kimbap and kimchi jjigae. But the restaurant’s menu of Korean barbecue staples — bulgogi and galbi included — is available for takeout, as well.
Where to get it: 5450 SE 82nd Avenue
How to get it: Order takeout by calling (503) 444-7700 or ordering online
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Kim Jong Grillin

A popular Korean food cart, Kim Jong Grillin serves hearty rice bowls (“bibim boxes”) topped with grilled meats like Korean short ribs, spicy marinated pork, and bulgogi beef, along with kimchi and other toppings. There’s also hot dogs and fried rice for those looking to mix things up.
Where to get it: 4606 SE Division Street
How to get it: Call 503-929-0522 to place an order or visit Postmates or Grubhub for delivery options.
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This Korean restaurant within G-Mart isn’t necessarily known for its Korean barbecue, but it does have a good handful of staples — galbi, various bulgogi, etc.
Where to get it: 3975 SW 114th Ave, Beaverton
How to get it: Order takeout by calling (503) 641-3670
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Jamaican Jerk

Jamaica House

This cheery St. Johns Jamaican place is open for takeout, including its menu of jerk chicken, tofu, and fish. The oxtails generally rule, too.
Where to get it: 8307 North Ivanhoe Street
How to get it: Call (503) 462-9710 to place an order
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Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine

This North Killingsworth spot has a number of different jerk options, including jerk wings, leg quarters and festivals, and a pile of legs. Folks can leave a with a few sweet fried plantains, as well.
Where to get it: 441 N Killingsworth Street
How to get it: Order delivery or call (503) 289-1423
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Yaad Style Jamaican Cuisine

This NE MLK Jamaican spot offers jerk chicken a multitude of ways: In tacos, with rice and beans, in sandwiches and wraps, alongside festivals. Plus, Yaad Style offers other Jamaican faves, like meat patties.
Where to get it: 3532 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Suite A
How to get it: Order delivery or use the online ordering system for takeout
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Portland’s restaurant of the year for 2019, Eem was briefly closed during the pandemic, but is now reopened for takeout. The Thai barbecue restaurant sells family dinner packages, like brisket burnt-end curry, pork belly white curry, and pulled pork with red curry, each served with a variety of sides.
Where to get it: 3808 N Williams Avenue, Suite 127
How to get it: Online orders go up Fridays at 5 p.m. for the following week. Pickup times are between 5 and 7 p.m., Monday through Sunday.
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While not strictly a barbecue restaurant, Bullard marries Texas and Portland cooking, which often involves some smoked meats. Right now the restaurant is offering daily family dinners Tuesday through Saturday, as well as weekend brunch packages — there’s usually a few nights a week that involve smoked bird, ribs, or brisket, and brunch can include barbecue pork breakfast burritos.
Where to get it: 813 SW Alder Street
How to get it: Order for pickup here
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Bar King

Bar King’s menu changes often, like Bullard’s, but there’s often a family-meal option involving smoked meat — some smoked chickens, pork shoulder, even hunks of beef rib. The restaurant’s ssam-style meals are a particular winner.
Where to get it: 726 SE 6th Avenue
How to get it: The order system changes fairly frequently, but the best way to keep up with the latest menu and ordering system is on Instagram. Currently, pre-orders are made via email, though next week’s menu has yet to be released. Meals are picked up at the restaurant.
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