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A metal tray is filled with rolls of roti, rice, fried chicken, panang curry-covered short ribs, and more from Farmhouse Kitchen
The Little Lao Table from Farmhouse Kitchen
Patricia Chang / Eater SF

Where To Find Family Meals for Takeout and Delivery in Portland

From cook-at-home dinners to ready-to-eat brunch, these restaurants are offering pre-set meals serving more than one

The Portland restaurant scene has been radically changed in the last few months — takeout and delivery have replaced crowded dining rooms, and even bottles of wine or local spirits can be delivered directly to homes. While many restaurants are offering something resembling their regular menus, others have simplified things with a few or just one daily option for family meals — one set meal meant to feed a small group. Some of them are meant to be reheated at home, while others are hot and ready to be eaten as is. This list focuses on meals meant to feed a group of people, as opposed to prix-fixe meals for one person; it’s also not meant to be comprehensive. For more takeout options, check out our ultimate guide to takeout and delivery during the coronavirus pandemic.


The ever-popular Spanish restaurant is back, with a menu of family meals available for pre-order. Meals range from two-person to four-person meals, from roast chicken with romesco to large platters of paella and rossejat. More ambitious eaters can choose to add on a few tapas, like tortilla espanola.
Where to get it: 1818 NW 23rd Place
How to get it: Order online
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Farmhouse Kitchen

Thai restaurant Farmhouse Kitchen has set up a “Little Lao Table,” essentially a miniature version of the Lao Table to be eaten at home for two or more people. The dinner includes a whole tray of snacks and dishes, like shrimp, Hat Yai fried chicken, short rib in Panang curry, papaya salad, samosas, fried tofu, rolls with peanut sauce, and other dishes the chef puts together. The whole thing clocks in under $60.
Where to get it: 3354 SE Hawthorne Boulevard.
How to get it: Call (503) 432-8115 or visit Caviar for delivery.
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Hoda’s, a family-owned Lebanese restaurant, has been a Belmont Street institution for years now. While its dining room is closed, it’s serving a number of curbside pickup and delivery offerings, including an assortment of family packs that serve between four and six people. Kabob dinners, vegan family packs, sandwiches, and leg of lamb dinners are all on the menu.
Where to get it: 3401 SE Belmont Street.
How to get it: Call 503-236-8325. Menus are online here.
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James Beard award semi-finalist restaurateur Earl Ninsom has reopened many of his restaurants for takeout and delivery, including his flagship Thai spot Paadee. The menu includes a number of noodle dishes and other specials, as well as a four-person family meal. The package includes Dungeness crab fried rice, green papaya salad, pork and noodles dishes, rice, and crispy chicken.
Where to get it: 6 SE 28th Avenue
How to get it: Order forms for takeout and delivery are available here.
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Southpark Seafood

This longstanding westside seafood spot has started offering meal kits, with make-at-home dishes like shrimp and grits; however, the restaurant’s “bake at home” dishes are far easier and feed a larger crowd — especially the restaurant’s Dungeness crab lasagna.
Where to get it: 901 SW Salmon Street
How to get it: Order online or call (503) 326-1300
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Holy Trinity

This rising star barbecue cart in Southeast Portland offers its wicked-tender brisket, juicy sausages, and well-seasoned ribs in two family packages: The “Single Dad,” meant to feed two to three, and the “Family Pack,” which feeds four to six. Each pack comes with brisket, ribs, sausages, and pulled pork, plus sides like cole slaw and cheesy grits.
Where to get it: 3582 SE Powell
How to get it: Order ahead online
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This Alberta Vietnamese cart has switched up its menu, offering a number of customizable family meals for pre-order — customers choose from a number of proteins, including the cart’s knockout thit kho, as well as a few sides. Each meal comes with rice, and the option to add-on Matta’s famous pandan doughnuts.
Where to get it: 1533 NE Alberta Street, within the Bantu Island food cart pod
How to get it: Text (971) 258-2849 to place an order
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Beyond its takeout menu of pastas and gnocchi, this Southeast Clinton Italian restaurant also offers pre-ordered trays of lasagna — we’re talking the full eight-to-ten-person serving, layered with beef ragu. Vegetarian versions are also available.
Where to get it: 2032 SE Clinton
How to get it: Email to pre-order a lasagna
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The aquatic-themed restaurant Normandie draws influence for its cuisine from across the globe, including Celtic French and Southeast Asian. Thursdays through Saturdays, the restaurant slings different family meals, from whole duck-fat-roasted chicken with butter lettuce salad and new potato salad to gochujang-glazed pork shoulder with rice, herbs, and lettuce wraps. There’s usually a vegetarian option as well, and each meal serves two or more people — add-ons include sommelier-selected wine, cookies, and cocktail kits.
Where to get it: 1005 SE Ankeny Street.
How to get it: Orders are available online here, and must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Pick-up is available between 5 and 7 p.m.
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Smokehouse Tavern

Celebrated barbecue spot Smokehouse Tavern is back, replacing Polish restaurant Delores for (perhaps) the time being. In addition to à la carte meat, plates, and sandwiches, the restaurant also offers two-person and four-person family meals. Each comes with a selection of three or four meats and as three or four sides, plus pickles, bread, and onions. There are also cocktail kits, wine, and beer available to go with dinner.
Where to get it: 1401 SE Morrison Street #117
How to get it: Call (503) 231-3609 or order via Caviar Thursday through Sunday, 4 to 8 p.m.
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A high-end Mexican restaurant focusing on Oaxacan cooking with local ingredients, Xico has done away with its usual varied menu, and instead offers a number of family meal options, including frozen dinners and ready-to-eat meals. Adobo pork dinners, shrimp and pineapple tacos, sopas, burrito dinners, tortillas by the dozen, Mexican wines, cocktail mixes, sangria, and other Mexican staples are all available for pick-up on Thursdays and Saturdays at the SE Division location, and Saturdays only at the NW 23rd cantina.
Where to get it: 3715 SE Division Street and 1668 NW 23rd Avenue
How to get it: Order forms for pickup are available here.
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A cute, family-owned French bistro in the Woodstock neighborhood, Bergerac is offering two-person meals as well as pantry staples. Dinners include choices like cassoulet, beef stroganoff, and rabbit and mushroom stew — those looking for a romantic or indulgent evening can grab a bottle or two of French wine to go with dinner. Orders need to be filled by Sunday evenings for delivery or pickup on Wednesdays.
Where to get it: 5520 SE Woodstock Boulevard
How to get it: Order forms are here.
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One of Portland’s hottest new restaurants in 2019, Bullard serves family meals for takeout Tuesday through Saturday. Daily menus range from Tex-Mex beef enchiladas to beef rib dinners, with add-on desserts, wines, cocktail mixers, and others. The dinners generally feed two.
Where to get it: 813 SW Alder Street.
How to get it: Order forms are here.

Verde Cocina

A local group of Mexican-meets-Pacific-Northwest restaurants, Verde Cocina offers takeout and delivery at its Hillsdale and Sylvan Highland locations. As with its regular menu, the family meal options accommodate for a number of dietary restrictions, with gluten free, vegan, and veggie options. The meals serve six-to-eight people, and come hot or ready to cook, with options like mac and cheese (with optional meat add-ons), chimichurri, enchiladas, tortilla casserole, and roasted meats and vegetables.
Where to get it: 6446 SW Capitol Highway and 5515 SW Canyon Court
How to get it: Order forms for delivery and pickup are here.
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Tasty and Daughters

The cozy tavern branch of the John Gorham restaurant group, Tasty and Daughters offers a variety of meaty, homestyle meals for two. Diners can find fried chicken, smoked prime rib, and baby back rib dinners for two, with options for both delivery and takeout.
Where to get it: 4537 SE Division Street
How to get it: Order forms are here.
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A family friendly brewery from one of Oregon’s venerated brewers, Ecliptic Brewing offers takeout orders every day from noon to 8 p.m., including its large family packages. Customers can find meals like vegan enchiladas or black pepper steak dinners, and orders need to be placed by 1 p.m. for same day pickups. Of course, no brewery dinner is complete without beer, and Ecliptic offers its beer and others’ in cans, bottles, and growlers.
Where to get it: 825 N Cook Street
How to get it: Order forms are here.
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One of the city’s most beloved ramen restaurants, Afuri is selling its stunning ramen and sushi by the individual bowl, but also as a number of kits. With options for three or six person kits, diners can assemble and finish their own shio or ratan bowls at home. There’s also a make-your-own-sushi kit, which makes 10 rolls of sushi — generally enough for families, though no one will judge those who eat all 10 themselves.
Where to get it: 923 Southeast 7th Avenue.
How to get it: Order forms for takeout and delivery are here.
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Ava Gene’s and Tusk

Part of the well-loved Submarine group, Tusk and Ava Gene’s each have family meal kits available at Ava Gene’s from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Both Tusk’s Mediterranean pack and Ava Gene’s Italian kit start off vegetarian, but have options to add meat. Those looking for even more can find pastas, steaks, salmon, salads, mezze, and other fare to make meals from.
Where to get it: 3377 SE Division Street.
How to get it: Online ordering is here.
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The Waiting Room

Southern bistro the Waiting Room is well-loved for its fried chicken, which it serves as a family meal with eight and four piece servings, Wednesdays through Saturdays. Each comes with deviled eggs, fudge brownies, and a selection of sides like bacon braised collard greens, mac and cheese, and kohlrabi-cabbage slaw with buttermilk dressing. Additionally, each week has a family meal that needs to be ordered two days in advance via the website, and a weekend brunch with a half-dozen assortment of old fashioned donuts, fried chicken biscuit sandwich, grits, and slaw.
Where to get it: 2327 NW Kearney Street.
How to get it: Call (503) 477-4380 for fried chicken orders and order via the website for family meals and brunch.
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The Crown

Restaurateur Vitaly Paley’s pizzeria The Crown is open for takeout and delivery. Included on the menu are two “stimulus packages” — one includes an 18-inch pizza, a choice of fried chicken or brisket meatballs, and salad. The other is a vegetarian option with two pounds of baked pasta, garlic flatbread, and salad. There’s also bottles of wine and growlers of beer to go with dinner. Pickup and delivery is available Wednesday through Saturday, 4 to 8 p.m., and Sunday 3 to 7 p.m.
Where to get it: 410 SW Broadway
How to get it: Call 503-228-7224 to place an order for pickup, or visit Caviar for delivery.
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One of chef Vitaly Paley’s other restaurants, Imperial is back open on May 29 for weekend suppers. Each week sees two different meals that generously serve two, usually with hearty roasted or grilled meals like smoked pork roast or lamb meatballs, plus salads, vegetables, bread, and some kind of dessert. Orders need to be placed by Thursdays at 5 p.m. for weekend pickups.
Where to get it: 410 SW Broadway.
How to get it: Orders are available here.
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Chef Maya Lovelace’s legendary fried chicken and Southern fare restaurant, Yonder is offering full-bird fried chicken dinners Thursday through Saturday. Available for pickup only, the dinner includes a 10-piece fried chicken dusted with seasoning, plus four biscuits with sorghum butter and a choice of two large sides. Shoppers can throw on a bottle of cava to go with dinner, as well.
Where to get it: 4636 NE 42nd Avenue, Suite A.
How to get it: Orders can be placed at the website.
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Teote House Cafe

Latin American restaurant Teote House Cafe is known for its rice bowls and delicate corn arepas, and has four-person family meals available for pickup daily. Each meal starts at $40 and includes beans, rice, queso fresco, pickled onions, cabbage salad, cilantro, arepas or corn tortillas, and a choice of protein. Add-ons include guacamole, smoky queso dip, and agua fresca for at-home cocktails or juices, and meals need to be heated at home. Additionally, each order includes a $5 donation to a PTA group of the customer’s choice.
Where to get it: 1615 SE 12th Avenue
How to get it: Order forms are available here for pickup.
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Bar King

Opening mere weeks before the dining room shut-down, Bar King quickly had to pivot to a new model, and now sells family meals of its roasted and grilled meats. The daily meals regularly change week to week, from grilled octopus dinners to dry-aged, five-spice duck roasts, and come with options for wines and beers. There’s also weekly weekend brunch boxes along with pastries, quiches, cookies, wine, and other specials.
Where to get it: 726 SE 6th Avenue
How to get it: Order forms are available on the website for pickup.
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