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A List of Portland Restaurants Reopening for Patio or Dine-In Service

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Food cart pods, bars, and restaurants serving customers onsite

Three diners sit around a table on the patio of Vaux on Sunday, June 21, 2020. A large, garage-door-style window is open into the restaurant.
People eating outside Vaux
Molly J. Smith/EPDX

On June 17, Gov. Kate Brown made the announcement that Multnomah County could begin the reopening process June 19, which would allow bars and restaurants in the Portland to serve customers onsite for the first time in months. Although restaurant owners can’t pack in customers at this point — diners need to maintain six feet of distance and stop serving food at 10 p.m. — many business owners have opened up their patios, putting tables and chairs in their parking lots, and spacing out tables within their dining rooms.

While more and more places have reopened, coronavirus cases continue to surge across the state, and a number of front line industry workers have expressed their own reservations at the prospect of returning to a potentially dangerous position.

Customers who choose to dine out will have a number of options, however, including bars, food cart pods, seafood restaurants, and, in true Portland fashion, a strip club. Here is a list of the restaurants that have reopened for table service:

North Portland

Casa Zoraya: This Peruvian restaurant is back serving customers ceviche, causas, and ají de gallina at its cute North Portland house-turned restaurant. Call (503) 384-2455 to make a reservation.

Po’Shines: This quintessential Portland Soul food restaurant is serving blackened catfish, po’boys, and chicken and waffles outside its Kenton restaurant. Customers can call ahead for to-go orders, as well, which could easily be enjoyed in the nearby Kenton Park.

Eem: The perpetually buzzy Thai barbecue bar has opened up a few tables for streetside cocktails and curries on Williams. Those who would prefer to-go meals can go that route, as well.

Victoria: This cocktail bar is still serving slushies, brunch, and mac and cheese on its Albina patio. The cocktail menu is also stocked with summery drinks like Jungle Birds and piña coladas.

The Garrison: This St. Johns cocktail bar is selling cocktails again, for those sitting on the bar’s shared patio. Customers can order sushi from Mikasa or pizza from Gracie’s for some sustenance.

Kayo’s: The chic ramen shop Kayo’s is open for dining on its patios, so that diners can enjoy its traditional shoyo, shio, miso, and tantan ramens, as well as its signature ramens like curry or pineapple ginger.

Jamaica House: This St. Johns Jamaican spot is open for takeout, with plenty of outdoor seating on its patio. Customers can eat jerk chicken and johnny cakes in the sun, as well.

Shine Distillery and Grill: The sprawling, multi-story distillery and cocktail bar has its rooftop patio overlooking North Williams open and ready for diners to have some drinks out on.

Prost: The German beer bar has taken full use of its sprawling patio and food cart pod for some outdoors drinking.

The Atlantis Annex (Sunshine Noodles and Mississippi Pizza Pub): During the day, Diane Laam (Revelry) and David Sigal (Mian) take over the patio at Psychic Bar, serving a menu of various noodle bowls, Cambodian fried chicken wings, and coffee slushies. The menu is available for takeout, delivery, and served on the restaurant’s socially distanced patio. In the evenings, Mississippi Pizza Pub uses the patio for its pies, as well as its sidewalk seating and an outdoor bar.

Quaintrelle: This Mississippi restaurant is offering dine-in service on its patio, complete with cocktails and Ryley Eckersley’s produce-and-seafood-heavy plates. Those interested can make a reservation on OpenTable.

Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine: Already serving takeout and delivery, the Jamaican restaurant has its patio open for seated dining.

Mee Sen Thai Eatery: This Thai restaurant next door to Quaintrelle is also allowing customers to dine on the outside tables, but the restaurant isn’t doing full service; customers can eat takeout on those tables instead.

Interurban: Bar and restaurant Interurban has seating available on its back patio, as well as a few seats inside for dining.

Stormbreaker: This Mississippi brewery has opened up its patio seating into a chunk of the street, with a full food menu and an array of beers by the pint. The St. Johns location also has seating outside, with tables on the patio and on the sidewalk; the side street serves as a third patio on the weekends, when more people are looking for a beer.

John Street Cafe: This St. Johns stalwart remains open for dine-in, with omelets and burgers served in its socially distanced dining room.

Northeast Portland & Burnside

Urdaneta: This Basque restaurant on Alberta is open for outside dining for parties of two to four people. Menus rotate, but past dishes include a burger with a kalimotxo aioli and cuttlefish croquetas. Make a reservation here.

Chameleon: This Hollywood District restaurant is serving diners at socially distanced tables in its garden, with a menu of pasta, grilled flank steak with chimichurri, and plenty of cocktails.

Jinx: This Killingsworth area restaurant has started serving diners in an outdoor dining space, with comfort food basics like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and burgers.

Grain and Gristle: Gastropub Grain and Gristle has opened its patio area for seated dining. The tavern offers dinners service Wednesdays through Saturdays and brunch service on the weekends, and reservations are strongly encouraged for both.

Daisy Cafe: The cheerful and sunny bar and cafe, Daisy has expanded and covered its patio for al fresco dining. Diners can find boozy slushies, $1 oysters, and daily specials each day.

Tamale Boy: The Dekum location of this longstanding Mexican restaurant has opened for limited outdoor seating on its patio, for those seeking guac, margaritas, and Oaxacan tamales.

Amalfi’s: This Northeast Portland Italian spot has reopened with a full menu and cocktails, with tables under its new parking lot tent.

Mad Hanna: The friendly neighborhood bar, beloved for its welcoming staff, pay-it-forward board, and jello shots, has opened its doors for service. A number of the staff are especially vulnerable, so the team has taken some serious steps to making sure everyone is safe and distant.

Bang Bang: The Thai rice bowl and cocktail spot Bang Bang is open with a brand new, stylish, plant-lined patio built out in the adjoining parking lot.

Wonderly: Next door to Bang Bang, the stylish and modern cocktail bar from the same team is open for curbside dining and imbibing.

Dame: Cerulean wine bar Dame is back hosting Italian pop-up dinner programs No Saint on Mondays and Tuesdays, with an Italian menu in-house the rest of the week. Reservations and takeout for wine and food are available on the website.

Ned Ludd: This Pacific Northwestern standby is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, with everything from raw oysters to roasted trout. The restaurant has limited seating indoors, with the majority of its tables outside.

Spirit of 77: A sprawling warehouse-space of a sports bar, Spirit of 77 has ample socially-distanced table seating available, albeit without much in the way of live sports games.

Ps and Qs Market: The cute marketplace and deli Ps and Qs has a newly built patio with umbrellas for shade.

Pollo Norte: This NE Glisan Mexican rotisserie is open, with margarita and paloma slushies, beer, wine, and cider alongside its roast chickens.

Fuel Cafe: A friendly, cozy cafe and bistro, Fuel Cafe is back open for dine-in services, with tables spaced out for social distancing. It also continues to provide takeout and delivery via apps.

Tin Shed: The famously dog-friendly cafe on NE Alberta has opened with its patio available for people and pups.

El Sombrero: A laidback shop for Mexican food and beers, El Sombrero is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for dine-in service. The restaurant’s patio has been unused for years, but is freshly renovated and ready to open for diners. El Sombrero is located at 10820 NE Sandy Blvd.

The Standard: A spacious bar with slushies and cheap drinks, the Standard has room inside for drinking with social distancing, as well as a large patio out front. The Standard is located at 14 NE 22nd Avenue.

Flying Fish Company: Flying Fish has opened with fish tacos, poke, and fish and chips to eat on the seafood market’s new outdoor dining area. Masks are required indoors.

Tabor Tavern: A gastropub in North Tabor with friendly, neighborhood vibes, Tabor Tavern is back open with its menu of pub eats, cocktails, draught beer, and wine. It’s also still taking takeout orders over the phone.

Noble Rot: An elegant upper floor wine bar with a balcony patio and rooftop garden, Noble Rot is open for in house dining and imbibing. Reservations for the dining room and balcony are required, and available on the website.

Canard: Le Pigeon’s sister restaurant Canard is back open as well with its famed duck stack, wings, and steam burgers. Reservations are not required by are highly recommended, and are available at the website.

Le Pigeon: One of Portland’s most celebrated dining experiences, Le Pigeon is open Thursday through Saturday for a limited amount of chef’s tasting menus each night. Reservations are required and are available at the website.

Laurelhurst Market: A beloved steakhouse and butcher, Laurelhurst Market has built a brand new raised wooden deck out front on the parking lot for outside dining. The restaurant has expanded its lunch menu, adding dishes like steak frites alongside the sandwich offerings. The dinner menu is a bit slimmed down but still offers some steaks and other meaty fare.

Southeast Portland

Oma’s Takeaway: The new restaurant from the Gado Gado team is offering onsite meals of nasi lemak and char siu pork shoulder with extra-safe ordering procedures: Customers order at a counter, and then grab seats with “landing stations” six feet away from each table. Servers will leave food there, and customers can pick up their plates from those landing stations to avoid getting within six feet of any employees.

Bar King: This restaurant and bakery had just opened before the pandemic when restaurants were forced to close, but now the restaurant has reopened with indoor and outdoor seats. Customers can walk up and order breakfast pastries to eat outside in the mornings, or make a reservation for dinner at night.

Morrison Market: This SE Morrison food hall is now open for indoor and outdoor seating, with everything from vegan Japanese food by Obon Shokudo to beer from The Golden Cat. The indoor bar also plays sports games for those missing the sports bar experience.

Jacqueline: This Portland seafood spot is open for patio and sidewalk dining, with dollar oysters, wine, and crab toasts.

La Moule: This Southeast Clinton European restaurant is open for patio dining, with a menu of mussels, steak frites, and smash burgers. Customers can order by calling (971) 339-2822, or by walking up to the new order window.

Bar Casa Vale: This Spanish restaurant is open for dining on the patio, with patatas bravas, paella, and cocktails. The bar offers contactless ordering, as well as takeout and delivery.

Ok Omens: This wine bar from the Castagna team is open daily at 4 p.m., with a menu of tomatoes and fried kimchi, burgers, and its popular chedder beignets. Plus, wine (duh). Make a reservation here.

Normandie: This SE Ankeny seafood restaurant is serving ceviche, burgers, and wine on the restaurant’s patio. Customers can order online or call (503) 233-4129 for more information.

5 and Dime: This Foster-Powell cocktail bar is open for outdoor seating, with daiquiris and other freezer-cold cocktails. Atlas Pizza next door is handling takeout.

Langbaan: Langbaan is now taking walk-ins for its outdoor patio space, with a menu of Hokkaido scallops in coconut cream, cuttlefish salad, and curried rice noodles served in the sun. The menu is available Thursdays through Sundays, 3 to 9 p.m.

Gado Gado: While Gado Gado is still primarily focused on Oma’s Takeaway (key word there is “takeaway”), the restaurant has opened up its socially distanced patio, so customers can eat their dinners onsite if they feel so inclined. The restaurant will start serving full-service meals on its patio later this month.

Bollywood Theater: The Southeast Division location of this Indian “street food” restaurant is open for takeout, but customers can eat their kati paratha rolls out on the patio.

Reel M Inn: While Reel M Inn isn’t serving its nationally celebrated bone-in fried chicken right now, the restaurant is serving a brand-new chicken sandwich that has already inspired some serious buzz. Customers can eat chicken sandwiches and drink beer on the restaurant’s sidewalk tables.

Dots: This quintessential Portland bar-meets-diner has reopened with outdoor seating, serving brunch, dinner, and slushies on the streets of SE Clinton.

Frog and Snail: This Hawthorne crepe cafe is open for dine in orders of its savory buckwheat crepes, with sweet options and quiches as well.

Nuestra Cocina: This longstanding and beloved Mexican restaurant has reopened for dine-in, with a full bar and dishes like ceviche, tacos, and mole verde.

The Automatic: This Division Street bar has reopened seating indoors and outdoors, with amaretto sour slushies and burgers.

Stammtisch: Prost’s smaller, family-friendly spin-off has plentiful outdoor seating for drinking beers and enjoying sausage.

Steakadelphia: This Southeast Portland sandwich shop specializing in Philly cheesesteaks is open with outdoor seating, plus contactless ordering online.

Burrasca: Tuscan restaurant Burrasca has expanded its lush and verdant back patio, so diners can enjoy pasta and wine amongst the plants. The restaurant is also still offering takeout for its wine and food.

Oui Chippy & Scotch Lodge: While this celebrated cocktail bar has halted indoor service for the time being, the stylish and indulgent cocktail and whisky bar Scotch Lodge has started hosting a pop-up specializing in fish and chips called Oui Chippy. Now, the bar is serving cocktails and whisky on the patio, alongside the pop-up’s fish sandwiches, fry sandwiches, and poutine. Orders are available online for pickup or dining on the patio.

Nostrana: One of the city’s most lauded Italian restaurants, Nostrana has expanded its patio, and has limited dining out front for its pastas, pizzas, salads, and wine. Reservations are required, and are available here.

Kachka: Kachka’s outdoor dining room, set up on the second-floor parking lot of the restaurant, is sort of a Slavic take on Chicago-in-the-90s fad foods: spinach artichoke khachapuri, Reuben-ish loaded potato skins, Totinos pizza roll vareniki. Plus, the restaurant has a full bar, with guava-tinis and Midori sours.

Portland Cider Company: This cider bar’s Clackamas and Hawthorne locations both offer sit-down service.

My Brother’s Crawfish: Portland’s main spot for seafood boils, My Brother’s Crawfish is open for dine-in service, with other Cajun mainstays like po’boys and crawfish etoufee.

Montelupo: A new Italian restaurant in Kerns, Montelupo is open for delivery, takeout, and dining in. Diners can enjoy its pastas, wines, and salads outside, and take some pantry staples home.

Palomar: The sleek and colorful daiquiri house Palomar has completely revamped its model, moving all service to the plant-lined rooftop overlooking Division, and switching to reservations only. Those looking for a strawberry daiquiri or pineapple gin and tonic can make a reservation at the site.

Redwood: A casual New American in Montavilla, Redwood is back open for dining and takeout. The elegant space now includes an expanded sidewalk dining area. Redwood is even back to offering a weekend brunch menu, Saturdays and Sundays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Roscoe’s: A classic pub and diner in Montavilla, Roscoe’s has a whole new patio built for diners to enjoy its fried Southern food out on.

Smokehouse Tavern: While Polish restaurant Delores remains closed, its previous incarnation as barbecue restaurant Smokehouse Tavern is back. Visitors can find brisket, ribs, chicken, and sides both to-go and for dining in.

Taquería Los Puñales: The new queer-centric taco shop is open daily for its guisado-topped tacos. Diners can enjoy those along with agua frescas in house or to go.

Lazy Susan: This restaurant from Earl Ninsom and Andrew Mace is sort of doing the platonic ideal of a backyard cookout — the restaurant grills a variety of meats, served with potato salad and a rotating selection of vegetable sides. These lunch plates — plus slushies, wine, and Dr Pepper floats — are available to eat at the Montavilla restaurant’s sidewalk seats.

Wayfinder Beer: The brewery and taphouse Wayfinder is back open, with its massive wooden patio near the river open for business until 9 p.m. each night, with fireplaces roaring and umbrellas up for shade or rain.

C’est Si Bon: A French bistro and wine bar, C’est Si Bon has reopened its door for in-house dining and imbibing. Those looking to snag a seat or order takeout can call (503) 935-3761.

Loyal Legion: The sprawling beer and whiskey hall Loyal Legion is back open, serving its Oregon beers and ciders every day but Monday. The team has built plexiglass windows across the entire bar for ordering, without outdoor dining and drinking only.

Ya Hala: The Lebanese restaurant in Montavilla is inviting diners back in for dinner, with both in-house dining and takeout available. The menu is focused on family dinners like whole roast chicken, but also offers kebab plates and other single person entrees.

The Slide Inn: A vegan-friendly tavern with German and American dining, The Slide Inn offers indoor and outdoor seating with a view of masked cyclists making their way down Ankeny Street.

The Lot at Scout Beer: The tap house for Scout Beer has opened, along with its food cart pod and patio area.

Olympia Provisions Public House: The Alpine-inspired spot for sausage and fondue has its wide patio open just off of Division Street.

Olympia Provisions Southeast: The cozy southeast branch of the restaurant group and butchery has expanded its service out to the atrium of the shared building, with plants and screens to create a pleasant dining room.

Hawthorne Asylum: The massive food cart pod Hawthorne Asylum has welcomed diners back to its fire pits and tented areas, with several carts offering everything from Burmese food to beer.

My Father’s Place: Something between a dive bar and a diner, My Father’s Place is open early for breakfast and late for drinks. Bar seating is off limits and those who want to use pinball machines or the jukebox will need to ask for staff assistance.

PDX Sliders: Both the Sellwood and Division Street locations of PDX Sliders have opened with indoor seating; the Sellwood location has its patio open, while Division Street has some sidewalk dining options.

Bible Club: The back patio of the remarkably authentic speakeasy Bible Club will be open on Fridays with cocktails and boozy slushies.

Bit House Saloon: The gluten free cocktail and beer bar Bit House has its back patio available for dining, as well as a refurbished dining room with socially-distanced tables.

Oui Wine Bar and Restaurant: Southeast Wine Collective’s wine bar and restaurant has set things up so diners can enjoy some wine and food in the bar and on the patio, while those coming in to pickup bottles can be safely distant.

Southwest Portland

The Daily Feast: This fun, nostalgic diner has set up outdoor tables for customers who want to sit and enjoy eggs Benedict or buttermilk pancakes. No dining inside yet, though — it’s just too small.

Southpark Seafood: This downtown seafood spot is open for happy hour and dinner patio dining and indoor seating. However, it’s also keeping up its delivery and make-at-home meal kits.

Imperial and the Crown: Vitaly Paley’s sprawling grill and adjoining pizzeria are open for dining, both inside in the dining rooms and out on the newly constructed Broadway patio. For those who don’t feel comfortable, however, there’s the option for takeout and delivery, including family meals.

Suki’s Bar: Even with social distancing, Suki’s can fit around 70 diners inside, a patio and parking lot dining means more room for people to enjoy the new Korean menu.

Vino Veritas: A wine bar and bottle shop in Montavilla, Vino Veritas is open with masked and gloved sommeliers, and wine to drink in the shop or take to go.

Jake’s Grill: The old-school American restaurant has opened its dining room and bar, with reduced seating for social distancing.

Harborside at the Marina: McCormick and Schmick’s riverside restaurant has indoor seating, as well as some outdoor seats looking over the harbor and river.

Jake’s Famous Crawfish: One of the oldest restaurants in the city, Jake’s Crawfish has opened with its dining room and bar space available for service. Despite social distancing, the large indoor space provides for a decent amount of seating.

Mary’s Club: Portland’s oldest operating strip club is ready to invite people back in, so long as they wear masks while taking in the show.

Northwest Portland

Bar Diane: This Northwest Portland wine bar has turned its indoor bar into a bottle shop, but the outdoor tables are still available for wine and dining. The bar is pouring glasses of orange wine alongside dishes like seared duck breast with shaved fennel and lamb tartare with beet yogurt and harissa.

Caffe Mingo: The longstanding Northwest Portland Italian restaurant Caffe Mingo is now open for outdoor dining, and opening a small takeout and grab-and-go market full of fresh pastas, pizzas, and salads.

Arden: This Pearl District wine bar and restaurant is serving pastas, wine, and prix fixe dinners on their eight shady tables. The restaurant is still serving takeout and delivery, as well.

Paley’s Place : The venerable Paley’s Place has opened its Victorian house dining room again, as well as its patio, for diners. The menu consists of a three-course dinner with options for each course, plus add-ons, and the restaurant will continue to serve its takeaway program.

Bhuna: This Northwest Portland Indian restaurant has opened its outdoor seating, with a set of socially distanced two-tops for eating chettinad chicken and rogan josh.

Bar West: This cocktail bar and restaurant added tables to a small courtyard, serving fizzes and spritzes alongside pasta and flatbreads. See the full menu here.

Twenty First Ave Bar and Kitchen: This Northwest Portland bar likely has the most extensive seating options right now, with a back patio, backyard beer garden, and indoor seating. Outside of cocktails and beer, the kitchen is slinging bowls, wraps, and sandwiches.

Fireside: Despite Fireside’s wide, open windows, the bistro is limiting service to the outside patio and sidewalk seating. Its grilled foods and fun cocktails are available Wednesday through Sunday afternoons and evenings, and in August it will offer a weekend brunch. Visitors can also find soft-serve being sold out the front window.

Bantam Tavern: Interurban’s west side sister shop has extended its outside seating into the parking lot, creating an extra large patio for visitors to dine out on.

Santé Bar: This LGBTQ bar in Northwest Portland has reopened with indoor and outdoor seating, alongside its elegant cocktails.

Mama Bird: Chef Gabe Pascuzzi’s grilled chicken restaurant Mama Bird is back open, again, with patio service Wednesday through Sunday. In addition to the wood-fire-grilled chickens, the restaurant offers grilled fruits and vegetables, salads, sauces, and wine and beer.

R&R Bar: This tropical cocktail bar in Northwest Portland has outdoor and indoor seating, as well as mai tais and shrimp cocktails.

G-Love: Slabtown’s vegetable-focused modern American bistro is sticking to just patio seating to start with, but a happy hour is coming soon.

Botanist: Chic cocktail bar Botanist won’t be seating in its cozy basement section, but will have its rooftop patio open for cocktail service.

Vaux: The modern restaurant in the Canopy Hotel, Vaux is open with a slightly slimmed down menu. The spacious dining room provides ample space for social distancing.

Multiple Locations

Verde Cocina: Verde Cocina lost its Pearl location, but the restaurant, which specializes in Mexican cooking with Pacific Northwest ingredients, still has its Hillsdale location open for dining in and takeout. Visitors can find dishes that fit all sorts of dietary restrictions.

Independent Restaurant Group: A large and local restaurant group, all of IRC’s bars and restaurants have reopened. The bar side of the group are all open until 10 p.m. most days, with extra outdoor seating for Irish bar Paddy’s Bar and Grill; casual sports bars North 45, the Independent, and Satellite Tavern; and historic taphouse Produce Row. The popular brunch spot Cadillac Cafe likewise has extra outdoor seating, and is open in the morning through early afternoon.

The Alibi, Elvis Room, Lay Low Tavern, Double Barrel, the Vern: Iconic tiki room and karaoke bar the Alibi, the double-decker Elvis Room, charming dive the Lay Low Tavern, laidback Double Barrel Tavern, and the renovated dive are all open again with extra outdoor seating and social distancing implemented.

El Gaucho: Venerable steakhouse El Gaucho has reopened its large dining room to the public, complete with live Spanish guitar. For those concerned about the windowless dining room, El Guacho has a list of its safety precautions.

Von Ebert: Both locations of this brewery and restaurant have reopened, with a wide selection of both beers and pub food — burgers and sandwiches to pork belly ssam.

Pine State Biscuits: Three of this brunch chain’s locations — Division, Alberta, and NW 23rd — have reopened for dine-in service, for those craving behemoth breakfast sandwiches.

Imperial Bottle Shop: This beer bar and bottle shop has opened up seating at both its Division and Alberta locations, with outdoor seating available at both locations.

Migration Brewing: Local brewery Migration has opened its two pub locations with patio seating at both Glisan Street and the Gresham location.

Tea Bar: The Pearl District and SE Division Street locations of this chic cafe group has opened with chai, matcha lattes, and bubble teas. The Division location even has an attached and shaded courtyard.

Papa Haydn: This old school Portland restaurant known for its desserts is now offering dine-in service.

Portland Begins Reopening on Friday [EPDX]