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The Majority of Oregon’s Workplace-Related COVID-19 Outbreaks Are at Food Businesses

Pip’s reopens today, a new cocktail bar coming to Glisan, and more news to start your weekend

Harry And David Pop-Up Orchard Launch Party San Francisco
Harry & David’s, the fruit and candy company in Medford, is the site of 11 total COVID-19 cases
Photo by Trisha Leeper/WireImage
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

As the COVID-19 outbreak in Oregon continues to impact the local restaurant market, stories are popping up across the city, from food cart owners giving away free meals to chefs starting Instagram cooking classes. In this new version of AM Intel, we dive into different ways the state’s food service industry has been responding to the global pandemic. For more COVID-19 stories, check out our larger story stream.

COVID-19 Outbreaks Tied to Food Businesses

Food processing sites, farms, and restaurants are the site of multiple active COVID-19 outbreaks, according to a report from the Oregon Health Authority released Wednesday. Of the 15 businesses with more than 10 COVID-19 cases, 10 are related to food businesses, including two separate outbreaks at Townshend Farms. There are 163 total cases at Pacific Seafood, the fish processing plant in Newport, and 54 at grain processor Bob’s Red Mill. A few restaurants even appear on the list, including Local Ocean and Clearwater in Newport, though both have fewer than 10 cases.

If You Like Piña Coladas

Alfredo Climaco, known for his pineapple-coconut slushies served in hollowed out pineapples at Portland’s street festivals, will open his own cocktail bar, the Oregonian reports. Avenida Tropicale, a Latin American bar and restaurant, will open July 15 with a menu of customizable margaritas and piña coladas, plus a food menu covering everything from fish tacos to cochinita pibil. Climaco says he pulls inspiration from both Mexico and Puerto Rico, and plans to reflect that throughout the cocktail list. The bar will open at 2337 NE Glisan Street in the former Uno Mas space.

Pip’s Original Reopens

After months of fundraising for food businesses through its “Community Chai” program, Pip’s Original will reopen its Fremont cafe today for takeout service, serving chai, doughnuts, and its new ice cream — a collaboration with Cloud City in Woodstock. “We’re definitely not opening up the dining room,” he says. “Current peer review testing of aerosolized viral transmission, scientific fact, and common sense tell us now is not the time for communal dining sans masks.” The cafe will be open Friday through Monday.

Restaurants open for onsite dining today:

Kachka’s new parking lot patio restaurant, Kachka Alfresca
Italian spot Campana, which has taken over the full Grand Army Tavern space
See the larger list of onsite dining options here

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