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A Huge New Food Cart Pod Is Coming to SE 82nd

CORE, also known as Collective Oregon Eateries, can house 16 food carts with outdoor seating

Food carts park under a covering next to a building and a larger covering with outdoor seating.
A rendering of Collective Oregon Eateries
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

When Hanry Ho originally planned on opening a food cart pod in Portland, he was shooting for a 2018 opening. It was going to be huge, housing about 15 food carts with parking and an indoor food hall.

Like many business owners in the Portland area, things took longer than expected. “There were multiple bumps in the road, hurdles,” Ho says. After some construction delays, Ho is now ready to open his food cart pod — even considering the timing.

Collective Oregon Eateries, or CORE, plans to open sometime in mid-to-late June, with room for 13 standard food carts and three larger carts or trucks.

The original plans were far more intricate: a food hall with nine stalls, indoor and outdoor seating, a fire pit, etc. For now, they’re planning on opening as just a food cart hub for to-go orders, eventually opening up the outdoor seating and perhaps extending the seating into the 37-car parking lot. If the county does open up June 12, however, the pod will open with seating. “We had quite a few things planned, but plans change,” Ho says. All that being said, Ho is keeping those original plans on the to-do list. “When stuff picks back up, and people contact us, we’ll get back to it,” he says. “We still have plans for a bar in the back of the building; it’s all still in the works.”

The pod is currently seeking tenants, though Ho hints at some sushi and Thai carts rolling in. Those interested in joining the pod should contact the team through the website or Instagram. The pod will be located at 3612 SE 82nd.

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