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Riot Ribs Appears to Have Permanently Closed

The mutual aid group serving food to Portland protestors has announced that it is “dissolving immediately” on Twitter

At the entrance of Riot Ribs, a table lined with a tablecloth comes covered with pieces of watermelon, Doritos, cherries, and bottles of condiments. Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX

Riot Ribs, the mutual aid kitchen that has been serving the protest area for weeks now, announced via Twitter that it would be “dissolving immediately,” and that there was a person who was trying to “profit off [their] movement,” reportedly volunteering in the park and “pretending he is involved” with Riot Ribs. The tweet does not clarify that the individual is the cause of the dissolution.

The thread continues, saying that all money that Riot Ribs received would be given back to the community, and they would continue to feed people, just “not now.” It also says that things are “not safe” and that Riot Ribs workers had been targeted and assaulted, though it did not clarify by whom.

This is a developing story and will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

Update July 29, 9 a.m.: Riot Ribs has tweeted screenshots of the donations it has been making with the money that donors gave to the kitchen. The finances have been going to a variety of local organizations and volunteers including Meals For Heels, the meal delivery program for sex workers that has been feeding protestors.

Additionally, representatives from Pip’s Original, the mini-donut shop, told Eater PDX that their most recent donation to Riot Ribs was refunded.