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A Pizzeria From One of Portland’s Top Bakers Opens This Week

Pop Pizza begins serving thick, cheesy-crusted pizzas Wednesday

A rectangular pan pizza at Pop Pizza is covered in small, curly pepperoni
Pepperoni pizza at Pop Pizza
Pop Pizza / Official
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

The man behind one of Portland’s top bakeries enters Portland’s increasingly competitive pizza scene this week. Pop Pizza, from Nuvrei owner Marius Pop, will give away whole pies Wednesday, August 12, which customers can order on the website. On Thursday, the restaurant opens, selling whole pies through the website for pickup.

Like Pizza Doughnais and Ranch, Pop Pizza is sort of its own style, separate from any particular region. Its closest relative is likely Detroit style, with cheesy edges and a thick base, but Marius wanted to create something distinct. “We’re outsiders in this world,” Pop says. “What makes us unique is that we have a pastry chef approach to our pizza.” For him, that means obsessive research and development, trying out various flours, mills, starters, and amounts of water. “The end result is a product that has a really noticeable and distinctive crust, a nice crunch on the bottom, with the crunchy salty cheesy edges very reminiscent of Detroit (style pizza),” he says. “The inside is very light. It’s not super hollow or airy — it’s not going to have those big air pockets — it’s just very delicate.”

For now, the menu sticks to six topping styles, including some of the American classics: cheese, pepperoni, veggie, sausage. Pop has a version of a Hawaiian style, with Canadian bacon, pineapple, and jalapeños, and a kale pie with parmesan sauce. “I know (Hawaiian pizza) is a thing, but I’m a pastry chef,” Pop says. “I like sweet and savory.”

Down the line, Pop plans to open the shop up for to-go slices; for now, however, customers can order whole pizzas online, including vegan and gluten-free pies starting Thursday. Pop plans to drop a list of natural wines and beer on the website as well, as soon as the restaurant gets its liquor license. Pop Pizza will open at 610 SE Morrison Street.

Pop Pizza [Official]
Pop Pizza [Instagram]
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Pop Pizza

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