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Portland Restaurants and Bars Closed Today Because of the Air Quality and Fires

Portland’s air quality is currently worse than any other major city in the world’s. Many restaurant and cart owners have decided to close to protect employees and their own lungs

A sign that says “Sorry we’re closed”
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Oregon’s air quality has hit levels higher than any other major city in the world, according to the air quality tracker IQAir. The Department of Environmental Quality currently reports that the city’s air quality is around 325 AQI, or air quality index — in other words, the air is officially “hazardous,” which could negatively impact even the healthiest individuals who spend too much time outside. Seniors, individuals who are pregnant, and those with asthma are at higher risk.

For that reason, many Portland restaurant owners and food carts have closed their outdoor dining areas, but some are going even further by closing altogether to avoid causing too much harm to their employees and themselves. Of these, certain businesses are going dark through the weekend, to play it safe. Below, find a list of restaurants and bars that are staying closed today. Know of another restaurant staying closed? Email This story will be updated.

Closed Friday, September 11:




Stacked Sandwiches

Bowery Bagels

Pine State Biscuits

Proud Mary Cafe

Eem (at least for lunch service; will update with dinner later today)

Bollywood Theater

Rock Paper Fish

Little Conejo

Fried Egg I’m in Love (Mississippi and Pioneer Place)

Break Bread

Ava Gene’s

808 Grinds (Gigantic)

Love Belizean

Nossa Familia (Pearl District)

Kim Jong Grillin’

Ms. T’s

Jadas Soulful Eats


Avenue St Charles

Eats and Sweets

En Vida PDX

M Bar

Lazy Susan

Closed All Weekend (Until Monday, September 14):

Bae’s Chicken (Both locations)



NoPoBoys (potentially reopening September 13)

Holy Trinity BBQ (Open today, closed Saturday and Sunday)

Gabagool (Closed Friday and Saturday)

Closed Until Further Notice/Until the Smoke Dissipates:


The Meddling Lime

Hurry Back Ice Cream