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Portland Food Businesses and Restaurants Offering In-House Delivery

These restaurants and Instagram food businesses are opting out of third-party apps and sending drivers out themselves

A pizza topped with pepperoni and ricotta
A pizza from Baby Doll
Baby Doll Pizza / Official
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Because of the state of the world, the premise of venturing outside of the house can seem daunting — both because of COVID-19 but also, I don’t know, because the world is particularly scary right now. For those who still want to patronize local restaurants, that leaves delivery.

However, many third-party delivery apps have their own host of documented issues, from listing restaurants without consent, to withholding a portion of delivery drivers’ tips, to taking significant chunks out of restaurant profits during a uniquely challenging period for independent restaurants. If the choice is “order from the restaurant via a third-party app” or “don’t order from the restaurant,” most restaurants would prefer you just order from the app. However, a handful of restaurants, cafes, and bars in the Portland area have come up with ways to evade the third-party apps entirely while still offering delivery. Some restaurants have opted to use CCC, a local bicycle delivery service that charges restaurants a lower commission fee and pays its couriers a higher rate; breweries and distilleries have opted for AtYourDoor, another Portland-based delivery service. Others are doing the deliveries themselves, enlisting former servers or hired drivers. Some chefs, operating tiny virtual pop-ups hawking comfort foods and baked goods, will deliver lasagnas and conchas to people's homes themselves. Below, we’ve included just a few restaurants and chefs offering in-house delivery; this map generally focuses on food as opposed to booze — we have a separate list for that. For more delivery and takeout options, check out any of the countless maps on Eater PDX.


What it is: A new Mexican restaurant on NE 28th
What to order: Enchiladas, carnitas tlacoyo, tres leches cake — we get into more detail here.
How to order: Call the restaurant at (971) 254-9017
Where it’s available: Within Portland city limits


What it is: A Northeastern Thai restaurant on NE MLK
What to order: Most of the restaurant’s salads like nam tok or larb, soups like tom yum or tom kha, and khao soi
How to order: Call the restaurant (503) 208-3018; the chef will deliver orders individually before 5 p.m. or after 8 p.m.
Where it’s available: Within two miles of the restaurant, located at 3513 NE MLK, with some exceptions

Fire on the Mountain

What it is: A local brewpub chain known for its wings
What to order: Wings (duh — though the smoky buffalo is particularly nice), queso, beer
How to order: The restaurant now has a delivery page with options for the Burnside and Fremont locations.
Where it’s available: Delivery range is specified on the homepage

T.C. O’Leary’s

What it is: An Alberta Irish pub
What to order: Irish comfort foods like shepherd’s pie, burgers, and drinks
How to order: Order online. There’s a $30 minimum and $5 delivery fee.
Where it’s available: Within two miles of the restaurant, at 2926 NE Alberta

Devil’s Dill

What it is: A SE Hawthorne deli known for its sandwiches
What to order: Most of Devil’s Dill sandwiches are great, but the No. 4, which pairs wine-braised beef with cheddar and grilled onions and peppers, is a particular knockout
How to order: Call (503) 236-8067 or order online after 5 p.m.
Where it’s available: Within a two-mile radius of the restaurant, at 1711 SE Hawthorne

Siri Thai

What it is: A SE Powell Thai restaurant
What to order: Thai standards like curries and stir-fried noodles
How to order: Order online or call (503) 954-2330
Where it’s available: Within two miles of the restaurant, at 5234 SE Powell Blvd


What it is: A pinball-themed bar in the Hollywood district
What to order: Wedgehead has a great burger, well accompanied by loaded fries and a couple beers.
How to order: Order online — the restaurant has a $30 minimum for delivery orders, with a fee that increases.
Where it’s available: Throughout Portland

Obon Shokudo

What it is: A vegan Japanese restaurant known for its appearances at farmers markets
What to order: The combo meal, which comes with two onigiri, a massive potato croquette they call a “tot,” one curried korokke, kakiage, and a salad.
How to order: Order online
Where it’s available: Within a five-mile radius of Morrison Market, 722 SE 10th Ave

Baby Doll Pizza

What it is: A Southeast Portland pizzeria
What to order: Baby Doll’s thin-crust pepperoni and square “nonna” pies are solid, but the sleeper hit is its Italian grinder.
How to order: Call (503) 459-4450
Where it’s available: South to Powell, north to Knott St, west to the river, and east to 60th.

Straight from New York Pizza

What it is: A longstanding Oregon pizzeria chain
What to order: SFNY offers elaborate pizzas and post-Little-League staples like chicken-bacon-ranch or Hawaiian, but really, it’s all about the plain pepperoni.
How to order: Order online or call in
Where it’s available: Delivery range is specified via this map, but the gist is below Fremont, above Woodstock, west of 205, and East of Scholls Ferry.

Lasagna Project

What it is: An Instagram-based lasagna business from chef Thomas Boyce
What to order: Whatever lasagna is on that week; they change regularly
How to order: DM the Instagram to schedule an order and be put on the waitlist
When it’s available: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for pre-order

Unicorn Bakeshop

What it is: A Gladstone bakery known for its colorful rainbow pastries
What to order: Cookie assortment, mini unicorn celebration cakes, vegan tres leches cake
How to order: Order online
Where it’s available: Throughout Portland


What it is: A celebrated bakery known for its use of whole-grain flours
What to order: The basque cheesecake at Bakeshop has become a major hit, but the bakery’s figgy buckwheat scone is a tried-and-true favorite
How to order: Pre-order online for Saturday deliveries, with a $5 fee and a $30 minimum.
Where it’s available: Within a five-mile radius of the bakery, 5351 NE Sandy Blvd

La Reinita

What it is: A virtual Mexican-American bakery specializing in local whole grain flours and sourdough pastry
What to order: The conchas and empanadas, when available, plus a loaf of bread
How to order: Pre-order online, but watch out — they sell out fast
When and where it’s available: La Reinita delivers throughout the Portland metro area on Fridays