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A Customer Left a $2,000 Tip for a Bargarten Server on Wednesday

Plus, food cart Bull Run Pizza is opening a restaurant in Northeast Portland

Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Customer Leaves $2,000 Tip at Cedar Hills Restaurant

Bargarten, the Bavarian restaurant and bar chainlet, had just reopened its Beaverton-area patio February 10 when it was hit with a welcome surprise: The first customer who entered the restaurant left a $2,000 tip. The customer left a note on the receipt: “Your food is always great, and your service A+ exceptional. Thank you!” The restaurant’s team posted a picture of the receipt on Facebook, with a caption thanking the benevolent customer: “We wanted to publicly thank this Bargarten Fan for their generosity towards our staff who have struggled during this time of closure,” the post reads. “Your support and the support of our other faithful customers means the world to us & we look forward to serving you all!” The restaurant had been closed for all service since December. [WWeek]

Food Cart Bull Run Pizza Will Open a Brick-and-Mortar Pizzeria This Year

Bull Run Pizza, the Barley Pod food cart topping sturdy-but-thin pies with things like ham, pineapple, and shishito peppers, will open a full-blown pizzeria by the end of the month. Bull Run, which had been using Hogan’s Goat as a commissary, started serving pies in 2019, using a long, cold-fermented dough; the pies range from pretty traditional marinara and pepperoni to elaborate creations with peppadew or shaved Brussels sprouts. The cart has temporarily closed, but will reopen in March; the restaurant will open at 108 NE 28th Avenue. [O]

In Other News...

• In case you haven’t looked outside yet today, it’s very, very snowy. Here’s a list of restaurants and food carts that have announced snow day closures. [EaterWire]
• A number of restaurants have announced plans to reopen indoors this week, now that they can. Shine Distillery, Von Ebert Brewing, and Portland Cider Company are just a few of the places reopening today, Clarklewis, Bruce Carey’s Pacific Northwestern restaurant, will reopen for indoor dining Sunday. [EW]
• Today is also Lunar New Year; Portland Monthly has a nice list of places to find takeout for the holiday. While you’re there, you should read this powerful piece on the Myanmar military takeover, from the perspective of Burmese immigrant and pop-up owner Alex Saw. [PoMo]
• Rogue Creamery donated 1,000 pounds of cheddar cheese to Oregon food banks [EW]