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A New Food Cart Pod Is Coming to Montavilla

The Yard at Montavilla will house 17 carts, including a beer cart from a Scout Beer founder

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A food cart pod graphic
Rendering of the Yard at Montavilla
The Yard at Montavilla / Official
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Shawarma, Philly cheesesteaks, and Portland-brewed beer is coming to a new food cart pod on NE Davis. The Yard at Montavilla, set to open in mid-May, will house up to 17 carts with outdoor covered seating, with six carts already signed on.

Brothers Jeffrey and Kevin Dennis, who have a background in real estate development, decided to transform a lot on NE 82nd and Davis once home to a Thai restaurant into a pod. “We’ve been doing real estate development for a while, and there’s a lot of housing development out there. We wanted to do something that would aid the community but provide ongoing income for us,” Jeffrey Dennis says. “I love the food cart pods, I love how they provide 17 businesses with opportunities to succeed. They’re great for the community and the neighborhood.”

Currently, the brothers have signed up six carts: Oregon-based cart chainlet Shawarma Express, yet-to-open Philly cheesesteak cart Kings of Steak, current ghost kitchen American Eclectic Burger, to-be-named Mexican and crepe carts, and a beer cart from the co-founder of Scout Beer, Joe St. Martin. Scout, which operates its own pod on SE Division and is opening a new cart on NE Glisan this year, started as a beer cart, so Martin’s cart at the Yard at Montavilla would be a sort of return to its roots. It will operate 12 taps, with some Scout Beers as well as other Portland-area beers; the cart will also stock things like ciders, wine, and, in Martin’s words, “Maybe something fun, like White Claws.”

This will be the second food cart pod to open off 82nd this year: The Collective Oregon Eateries pod, also known as CORE, has slowly begun adding carts to its roster, specializing in Hainanese chicken to seafood boils to salt-and-pepper squid. However, CORE is a full two miles south of the Yard, and seem to cover different ground, cart-wise.

The Yard at Montavilla will open at 8220 NE Davis Street; cart owners interested in leasing can find more information on the pod’s website.

Correction: This story has been corrected to show that the pod will host another cart owned by Scout co-owner Joe St. Martin, as opposed to a Scout Beer cart.

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