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A Running List of Portland Restaurants and Food Carts Shutting Down for the Heat Wave

Because working over a hot stove in 100+-degree heat is not only miserable, it’s dangerous

A plate of barbecue pork fried rice sits on an ornate floral plate at Eem
Barbecue fried rice from Eem. Eem is closed on Monday for the heat.
Dina Avila/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Portland is still grappling with a massive heat wave, after breaking an all-time high temperature reading of 112 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. A number of food cart, bar, and restaurant owners decided to close for the weekend to evade the scorching weather, either in advance or after attempting to serve customers. Even those who did try to stay open had to deal with power outages and entitled customers.

With forecasts projecting highs at a peak of 114 degrees on Monday, kitchens without air conditioning will still be extremely hot today, adding a few degrees on to the temperature thanks to the radiant heat of ovens and gas burners. As opposed to bracing the safety risk of working over a hot stove in triple-digit temperatures, many restaurants and food carts around Portland are choosing to opt out again Monday, letting workers stay home to take an ice bath or escape to some cool body of water.

Before any Portlanders venture into the city in search of takeout, it’s best to check social media accounts to see if those restaurants are shutting down early; below, you’ll find a list of restaurants and food carts who have announced heat-related closures for full days or longer. Have a spot to add to this list? Let us know via the tipline. This list will be updated throughout the day.

Fully Closed Restaurants and Carts

Breakside — Closed Monday
Big’s Chicken — Closed Monday
Matt’s BBQ — Closed Monday
Tough Luck — Closed Monday
Lardo — Closed Monday
Jim & Patty’s — Fremont location closed Monday
Fried Egg I’m in Love — Mississippi location closed Monday
Dan & Louis Oyster Bar — Closed Monday
Ps & Qs Market — Closed Monday
Eem — Closed Monday
Tokyo Sando — Closed Monday
Pyro Pizza — Closed Monday and Tuesday
Kayo’s Ramen Bar — Closed Monday
Pizza Jerk NE 42nd — Closed Monday
Nostrana — Closed Monday
Alecocina — Closed Monday
La Arepa — Closed Monday
Bollywood Theater — Closed Monday
Flying Fish Restaurant — Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (the fish market will remain open with limited hours)
The Dog House — Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
Gladstone Street Pizza — Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
Batterfish — Closed from Saturday “until it cools down”
MF Tasty — Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
Farmer and the Beast — Closed Saturday and Monday (normally closed Sundays)
Jojo — Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

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