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Tickets to the First Feast Events of the Season Are Now on Sale

Eat an Italian picnic while watching Big Night or catch Like Water for Chocolate with a meal from República

A man holds a strainer full of squiggly noodles at an outdoor stall. It’s twilight, and string lights illuminate the outdoor kitchen.
A chef strains noodles for a past Feast event.
Aubrie LeGault / Official

Portlanders can now buy tickets to the first of Portland’s Summer of Feast events. Tickets to Feast Flicks, outdoor movies paired with meals by Portland chefs, are now available in two-person and four-person pods, complete with welcome cocktails and bottles of wine.

Between July 29 and August 1, the Lot at Zidell Yards will host four movie nights, paired with specific meals by Portland chefs. Customers can reserve tickets ranging from $120 to $135 per person, which come with admission to the film, a vegetarian or omnivorous meal, welcome cocktails, and wine, with VIP options as well. The first, Alfonso Arau’s dreamy Like Water for Chocolate, will start with a meal by the team at Mexican tasting menu spot República, with a mole presentation before the movie. On July 30, the teams behind Chinese restaurant XLB, mochi doughnut pop-up Heyday, and Southern Thai fried chicken mainstay Hat Yai will make a meal to pair with Ang Lee’s classic Eat Drink Man Woman. Some of Portland’s defining Italian markets and restaurants — Cooperativa, Sebastiano’s, Montelupo, and Nostrana — will build an Italian picnic to pair with Stanley Tucci’s charming Big Night, and the first round of Feast 2021 will finish up with a viewing of Ratatouille, with dishes by Vitaly Paley of Paley’s Place and Philippe Boulot of The Multnomah Athletic Club.

Earlier this month, Feast organizers Mike Thelin and Emily Crowley announced that they would be bringing back Feast this year, but the two wanted to approach the event a little differently. “When we started considering bringing back Feast in 2021, we started checking in with chefs, talking with them about bandwidth ... and everyone seemed to say, ‘We’re in!’” Crowley says. “People missed seeing each other and collaborating ... We thought, ‘Why don’t we do smaller events through the summer?’” The rationale behind a smaller-scale Feast was twofold: One, it made more sense from a health and safety perspective for guests, but it also made sense from a bandwidth perspective: It didn’t require chefs to make hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny bites to hawk in a crowded event space, several days in a row. “Talking to Han (Ly Hwang of Kim Jong Grillin) and Carlo (Lamagna of Magna), they love the hustle and bustle of the Night Market. But after 2020, no one needs to do that. No one needs to work that hard.”

This format allowed the team to approach events one by one, with buffers between events. In mid-July, tickets and more details will drop for the Feast Family Reunion events, four smaller-scale food festival-style events with around 10 Portland chefs. For now, you can buy tickets for the Feast Flicks events via the links below:

Ticket links

July 29: Like Water for Chocolate with República

July 30: Eat Drink Man Woman with XLB, Hat Yai, and Heyday

July 31: Big Night with Cooperativa, Montelupo, Nostrana, and Sebastiano’s

August 1: Ratatouille with Paley’s Place and The Multnomah Athletic Club

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