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Stolen Truffle Pig Flyer Spotted in Portland: Marketing Stunt or Sheer Enthusiasm for the Only Movie That Matters?

A flyer posted in Northwest Portland is seeking a “stolen pig” that looks a lot like a cropped promotional still from the Nicolas Cage movie ‘Pig’

A flyer with the text: “Stolen Pig. Answers to Pig. Reward if found, no questions asked. Coloring: Brown with lighter accents. Weight: Approximately 600 pounds. Last seen: Portland, OR. Loves: Truffles and Mushroom Tart. Send leads to @whereismypig.
A flyer seeking a missing pig, with a cropped image from the incoming Nicolas Cage movie ‘Pig’
Chris Shuttleworth
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

This morning, an Eater Portland tipster spotted a flyer posted on a Northwest Portland electrical pole seeking a “stolen pig.” “Reward if found, no questions asked,” the poster reads, seeking a pig that “answers to ‘pig,’” loves “truffles and mushroom tart,” and weighs approximately 600 pounds. The poster also includes an image of the pig, a light-brown pig that seems to be rooting around in the dirt.

The image appears to be cropped from the promotional stills for the movie Pig, the forthcoming Nicolas Cage flick in which a truffle hunter searches the streets of Portland for his missing truffle pig. This movie, obviously, is the most highly anticipated film of the decade, if not the century, because, and I cannot stress this enough, someone steals Nicolas Cage’s pig, which is also the title of the film. It’s Taken, better because it is a pig that is ultimately taken.

The flyer requests Portlanders send leads to the Instagram account @whohasmypig, an account with 44 followers and three posts of the pig in question, with captions like “Please share and help me find my stolen pig,” or “She was taken from me. Please DM with any information or leads.” “Hey man saw your sign i hope you find your pig,” reads one comment.

Eater Portland has reached out to both the Instagram account and production company Neon’s PR team, seeking answers to the obvious questions: Is this a guerrilla marketing ploy to get Portlanders excited about the movie (as if it needs any help on that front)? Is this an avid fan taking things into their own hands? Did the owner of a pig happen to lose a truffle pig at an inopportune time? This is a developing story that will be updated.

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