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Matt’s BBQ and Farmer & the Beast Are Opening Beaverton Carts at the Incoming Breakside Pod

Plus, a Portland cop resigned during an investigation into his behavior at Portland bars, and more news to start the day

Matt’s BBQ smoked meats
A tray of smoked meats from Matt’s BBQ in North Portland. Matt’s will open a new cart in Beaverton, as a part of the Breakside Brewery pod.
Brooke Jackson-Glidden/EPDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Matt’s BBQ, Farmer & The Beast Joining the Beaverton Breakside Pod

Breakside Brewery, currently on a big expansion kick, has started building the A-Team for its Beaverton beer garden and pod, and it’s already looking pretty impressive. Two Portland heavy-hitters, Texas barbecue cart Matt’s BBQ and salad-and-burger-spot Farmer & The Beast, will both open new locations in the pod, as well as a number of restaurants – Afuri and Please Louise, specifically — trying out new concepts. Sushi burrito cart chain Let’s Roll will also land at the pod, as well as a new fry cart called Fry Bar. Breakside will sell its beers out of a renovated shipping container, opening a tavern and a second food business onsite in addition to the carts. The Breakside pod is expected to open in the fall. [Oregonian]

A Portland Cop, Accused of Flashing His Badge While Drunk at Portland Bars, Resigned During His Investigation

Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training has found that former Portland police officer Sean W. DiGregorio violated the state’s moral fitness standards, based on his reported behavior at a number of Portland bars. In February 2019, police responded to a 911 call at Rontoms; according to the report, DiGregorio, while intoxicated, tried to enter the closed bar by flashing his badge. According to the investigation, DiGregorio had attempted to punch a visitor at Jones Bar that same night before being escorted out of the bar; according to security footage, he flashed his badge to two employees while being removed from the bar. He resigned in April of that year. [O]

Burgerville Temporarily Closes Lents Location

The first Burgerville location to unionize is going on a brief hiatus, but the rationale for the closure is under dispute. Burgerville’s management attributed the closure to an increased amount of crime and vandalism at the location, specifically blaming a nearby tent encampment of unhoused neighbors; they said that employees have encountered human waste and drug paraphernalia on the premises. The Burgerville Workers Union, caught off-guard by the sudden closure, has a different theory: “It’s incredibly curious that this would be the issue to shut down the first unionized fast-food location in the company. And a flagship for the union,” Mark Medina, a representative for the Burgerville Workers Union, told OPB. A representative from the company told the PBS affiliate that “under no circumstances is this union-busting,” that employees will be offered positions at other locations, and that the restaurant is planning to reopen. [OPB]

In Other News...

A number of Portland bars have developed a pact to start checking proof of vaccination before letting customers drink indoors. [WWeek]
Mississippi Studios will start taking COVID-19 tests at the door for unvaccinated customers. [WWeek]
Migration Brewing beers will soon be available in Hong Kong. [New School Beer]