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Sandwich Shop Brass Tacks Will Close After 10 Years in North Portland

The shop will shutter on October 9, saying goodbye with a going away party

a restaurant with a sigh that says sorry we’re closed Kai-Chieh Chan/EyeEm/Getty Images
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

After 10 years in North Portland, sandwich shop Brass Tacks will close its doors on October 9. The sandwich shop, known for its pickles and vegan sandwiches, announced its closure on Instagram Tuesday, teasing a few new businesses and explaining the decision to close.

“We’ve braved a decade of ups and downs, and we were extremely fortunate to make it through the most harrowing early stages of the pandemic intact,” the closing announcement, signed by “Ami and the crew at Brass Tacks Sandwiches,” reads. “Still, after a decade of countless sandwiches, we’re ready to move on to something different. Ten years is a long time to do anything in one place, but we’ve worked hard and have been lucky to weather all kinds of changes.” The post encourages readers to keep an eye out for details on a going away party before the restaurant closes for good.

The Instagram post noted that the team is working on a new venture, a yerba maté lemon soda called Maté Party the team hopes to sell around Portland. The post also alludes to a “new adult drinking establishment,” though it doesn’t divulge many other details about the potential new bar. “Keep it locked here, and when the news is ready for the world, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know,” the post reads.

Brass Tacks opened in Portland’s Boise neighborhood in 2011. It was a hit with Portland’s vegans, with its selection of meatless sandwich options, opening at the height of Portland’s sandwich wave. The restaurant’s short-lived sibling restaurant, Brass Tacks Deli, opened in St. Johns in 2014; while the second restaurant didn’t last, Brass Tacks has expanded into other Portland markets, selling its pickles at places like Cherry Sprout. It’s unclear if the Brass Tacks team plans to continue to sell its pickles across Portland once the restaurant closes for good. Read the full closing announcement below.

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