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A Gunfight Broke Out at Pearl District Restaurant Everybody Eats this Weekend

Three people involved in the altercation were reportedly injured

Three people were shot in and outside the Pearl District soul food restaurant Everybody Eats on Saturday, September 4, according to Portland police. The shooting reportedly started as an argument among a group of diners within the restaurant. Portland police have not reported any fatalities as a result of the shooting.

A Portland Police Bureau press release reports that one adult female and two teenage men were injured as a result of the argument and gunfight. When police arrived on the scene, officers could not locate anyone actively involved with the shooting onsite; police say they located the injured parties at local hospitals being treated for gunshot wounds. One arrest has been confirmed, but police have not announced any charges yet.

According to KOIN, the gunfight occurred just blocks from the Art in the Pearl event; bystanders reported hiding in the nearby grocery store World Foods. Police say that “there’s no indication” that any bystanders were injured as a result of the shooting. The city shut down the streets near the shooting before reopening them around 5:30 p.m., FOX 12 reports.

Everybody Eats, whose owners have donated time and money to community-uplifting organizations such as Don’t Shoot PDX, will open for normal hours, and has not published a statement about the shooting on social media. Eater Portland has reached out to the restaurant’s owners for comment.

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