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It’s a Holiday Miracle: Fish and Rice Reopens Following a Short-Lived Closure

Plus, Scottie’s Pizza Parlor expands, and more news

Maki sushi on a ceramic plate with ginger and wasabi.
Sushi rolls from Fish and Rice.
Janey Wong
Janey Wong is Eater Portland's reporter.

In the past few years, scores of Portland restaurants have closed due to various effects from the pandemic, the rising cost of goods, and plenty of other factors. It’s a rare and happy occasion when a beloved shuttered restaurant makes a comeback years down the line, but even less often that a restaurant announces its closure only to change course. Thanks to the resounding entreaties of dozens of customers, Fish and Rice has done just that.

The Nob Hill sushi restaurant previously announced its closure on November 1, citing COVID cases, heatwaves, repeated break-ins, and more, but has reopened as of December 1. “The love and support and threats via email/dm’s/carrier pigeon we were flooded with after closing has lit our fire, so we’re going to give it another go,” the Instagram announcement reads. The counter service restaurant will streamline its menu offerings for efficiency, and will put an increased focus on seasonal ingredients and specials. Fish and Rice was opened by Michigan expats Peter Hermann and Jesse Sweet in 2018, with an affordable menu of poke, sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and more.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor is bringing slices and a new location to Northwest Portland

The acclaimed Southeast Division Street pizzeria from Brooklyn-born Scottie Rivera will expand to a second location in Northwest Portland, Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks reports. The restaurant is scheduled to open on December 15 at 635 NW 21st Avenue. While the original location currently sells whole pies only, the new restaurant will offer whole pies and six daily slices, including a vegan slice with house-made vegan cheese.

The Benson Hotel unveils its annual gingerbread masterpiece

Every year, the downtown hotel creates a gingerbread structure in an annual tradition that has reached half a century as of 2022. This year, pastry chef David Diffendorfer created a likeness of Multnomah Falls, which was unveiled on Wednesday and includes miniature replicas of Multnomah Falls Lodge and the Vista House at Crown Point. The showstopper was constructed with over 150 pounds of gingerbread, 50 pounds of marzipan, 20 pounds of chocolate, 10 pounds of Rice Krispies Treats, and untold buckets of royal icing. It’s on display and open to the public through December 30.