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The Most Exciting Neighborhoods for Dining in 2022, According to Portland Food Writers

Places to trek to, from the Jade District to Vancouver

A hand drops a plate of pavlova topped with cherries at a table at Jojo.
Pavlova at Jojo.
Dina Avila/Eater Portland

Each December, Eater Portland ends the year by reflecting on the last twelve months of dining in a series we call Year in Eater. We reach out to Portland food writers and influencers for their perspectives on major trends, impressive newcomers, and standout meals, and share their responses in a single package.

Responses are edited and condensed for clarity.

Whether it’s an up-and-coming area or a geographic concentration of old favorites, visitors and locals alike love exploring Portland neighborhoods via dining options. Here are the neighborhoods Portlanders found themselves gravitating toward in 2022.

“I spent a lot of time dining on Alberta this year. The food carts over by the Baerlic taproom are great — Mole Mole, Paladin Pie — and it’s nice to see Abyssinian Kitchen reopen in a new space up here. That butcher shop and deli I adore, Pasture, is on Alberta, as is the new Kulfi PDX shop. It’s an embarrassment of riches. Also, the Pearl District has blown up this year. Between Jojo’s new restaurant, Janken taking over the Bluehour space, and Fools and Horses beginning service next door to its sibling, Pink Rabbit, the Pearl is really having a moment. Also, I don’t know if you’ve been to Arden recently, but if not, you should.”
-Brooke Jackson-Glidden, Eater Portland editor

“I spend so much time over in Sellwood since my bestie moved over there, and I’ve been working my way around the restaurants. There’s the ol’ reliables like Saburo’s and Gino’s, Bible Club is an absolute gem, Holler and Holler Treats are always a crowd pleaser, I finally tried Baes Chicken recently, and Nama Ramen was a happy discovery when I was working on our ramen map.”
-Janey Wong, Eater Portland reporter

“Definitely Belmont. There were a number of excellent new additions this year, like Old Pal, Company, and Norah, on top of my existing go-to spots like Sweet Hereafter and Aalto Lounge.”
-Waz Wu, Eater Portland contributor

“I was and am most excited to dine in the Jade District and surrounding areas as it’s rich with all kinds of international cuisine, including dim sum at Excellent Cuisine or Pure Spice, roast duck or roast pork and wonton noodle soup at Fortune BBQ Noodle House, Kenny’s Noodle House, HaVL and RoseVL, Binh Minh Sandwiches, etc.”
-Nori de Vega (@nomnom_nori), influencer

“I feel as if I could spend a week on Clinton Street and never feel the need to leave. In particular, the walk from Bar Norman to Lokanta or Magna Kusina is very, very short.”
-Jonathan Kauffman, Portland-based food writer and author of A Place Is a Gift newsletter

“The inner Eastside/inner Southeast has been a great area to dine in. For mornings especially, my staple has been Concourse Coffee, Matta, and Baon Kainan. I’ve enjoyed my visits to Hit the Spot at their new location, Menya Hokusei, and Nacheaux (now operating out of Swan Dive). For a fancy evening out, I’m all about the experiences at Lulu Bar/Jarana, Scotch Lodge, and Kann.”
-Ehow Chen (@ehow.eats), influencer

“The Pearl, Old Town, or whatever you want to call inner Northwest appears to be on an upswing with the opening of Jojo, Janken, Jacob & Sons, Kaizen Sushi, plus República offshoots like De Noche at La Fondita and Matutina.”
-Krista Garcia, Eater Portland contributor

One of the things I love most about Portland is that each neighborhood has its own local dining scene, you don’t have to head far to find something great. This year, my husband and I moved to an area that’s on the cusp of Montavilla and North Tabor, giving us access to two great food neighborhoods plus all the amazing dining along nearby thoroughfares like Belmont, Hawthorne, and SE 82nd. It was wonderful to really dive into all the dining options in Montavilla and North Tabor.”
-Zoe Baillargeon, Eater Portland contributor

“Downtown Vancouver. I love wandering around downtown Vancouver strolling past the marquee of the Kiggins Theatre and going to unique local spots like the Grocery, Elements, and Compass Coffee.”
-Rachel Pinsky, Eater Portland contributor

“I moved to Foster-Powell this year. While missing some northeast favorites (please expand to the southeast, Bernstein’s!), it’s been a delight digging into the undersung gems along Foster and 82nd.”
-Nathan Williams, Eater Portland contributor

“We are lucky to both live in Northeast Portland, with many new restaurants and existing staples in the area. It’s the best thing to be able to walk to NE 30th & NE Killingsworth, grab a coffee from Extracto, grab a glass of wine and pasta at Dame, and a nightcap at Expatriate. Find us around 82nd on the weekends as we go grocery shopping and dim sum.”
-Vicki and Vanessa Ng (@foodbellypdx), influencers

“The Alberta District only became stronger in 2022 with the addition of Abyssinian Kitchen (my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in town), Pasture (killer sandwiches), Kulfi (order the falooda or the cookie monster dipped in dark chocolate), Matt’s BBQ Tacos (yes!) at Great Notion, and Bar Cala (super-solid burger and dorados).”
-Gary Okazaki (@garythefoodie), renowned globe-trotting eater