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Frozen Treat Pop-Up Kulfi PDX Opens Its Own Shop This Month

Plus, a new brewery is coming to the former Modern Times space

A photo of Kulfi PDX jackfruit coconut popsicles on a countertop with ice, jackfruit, lime slices, and palm leaves
Kulfi PDX.
Kulfi PDX
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

If you’ve seen a push-cart selling frozen pops at Portland farmers markets and festivals, it’s likely Kulfi PDX, a pop-up specializing in the Indian dessert of the same name. Kulfi — slow-boiled milk and sugar that’s frozen in a popsicle-like mold — is somewhat hard to find in Portland restaurants, and Kulfi PDX offers an impressive variety of flavors. Those who stop by the Kulfi cart will likely spot flavors involving rosewater, saffron, pistachios, and chai, as well as thoroughly Portland flavors like marionberry cheesecake and vegan Vietnamese iced coffee. Soon, however, visitors will be able to get Kulfi pops at a single shop: Kulfi PDX will open its Alberta kulfi parlor on April 30, adding other treats like falooda to the lineup.

As Portland Monthly first reported, Kulfi PDX will start with a set of four permanent flavors: Mango lassi, the Rose City with rosewater and cardamom, the Pista with pistachios and saffron, and the vegan Vietnamese iced coffee made with coconut condensed milk and Portland Cà Phê coffee beans. The other eight will rotate among owners Kiran Cheema and Gagan Aulakh’s seasonal flavors, with a mix of vegan and dairy flavors. The kulfi will be available with add-ons like toppings and chocolate dips. Outside of kulfi, Kulfi PDX will sell falooda, a cold dessert with rose syrup, basil seeds, and vermicelli. Kulfi PDX will open at 5009 NE 15th Avenue.

Living Haüs Beer Co. Will Take Over the Modern Times Space This Summer

A group of Modern Times and Pfriem alumni are opening a new Portland brewery in the former Modern Times space, Brewpublic reports. Conrad Andrus and Mat Sandoval, formerly of Modern Times and Culmination, will lead the operations at Living Haüs, while former Pfriem head brewer Gavin Lord manages the brewery’s contract brewing branch, Sin Marca Beverages. The brewery is set to open in July at 628 SE Belmont Street.

Hospitality Group Benchmark Pyramid Will Acquire Provenance Hotels

Gordon Sondland, the founder of Portland-born hotel chain Provenance Hotels, has left Portland and is consolidating his hotel empire, according to the Portland Business Journal. Provenance currently runs six hotels in Portland, including locations home to high-profile restaurants and bars like Bullard Tavern and the Driftwood Room. Soon, Benchmark Pyramid will take over operations for those hotels, while Sondland joins the board of directors at Benchmark Pyramid. The hotelier moved to Florida at the beginning of 2022; Sondland and Provenance CEO Katherine Durant divorced last year.