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Oregon Brewers Fest Returns This Summer

Plus, Good Coffee will open its new Portland International Airport location in June, and more news

A mass of people stand at an outdoor bar while people serve beers.
A past Oregon Brewers Festival.
Eugene W. Wong
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

After two years of cancelations due to the pandemic, the state’s largest beer festival will return in the summer of 2022, New School Beer reports. The Oregon Brewers Festival will take over Tom McCall Waterfront Park from Thursday, July 28 through Saturday, July 30, featuring 40 Oregon breweries. Eighty percent of the beers at the festival will be exclusive to OBF, or will be debuts of beers headed to the breweries’ main taprooms that summer. Breweries featured include Alesong Brewing and Blending, Pfriem Family Brewers, Upright Brewing, and Foreland Beer, among others.

The festival grounds will be open to the public, but to taste beer, visitors will need to buy a $10 mug, as well as $2 beer tickets. One ticket will purchase a taste of beer, while three tickets will fill a mug. Visitors can buy mugs ahead of time, or buy them at the festival.

Good Coffee Will Open at Portland International Airport June 13

The latest Portland big-name arrival at the city’s international airport is, fittingly, a local coffee chain. Good Coffee, which operates five locations around Multnomah County, will open June 13, according to restaurant group partner Chefstable. The brand is known for its bright roasts and various humanitarian causes.

Brand New Meliora Pasta Cart Will Move to the Bantu Island Pod

Back in March, Portland Monthly broke the news of a new pasta cart headed to North Killingsworth, with handmade pasta and seasonal salads. Meliora Pasta did, in fact, open this spring, serving dishes like chitarra pasta with green garlic and braised beef ravioli with salsa macha. Soon, the cart will reopen in a new location: Meliora is moving to the Bantu Island pod on Northeast Alberta, set to reopen fairly quickly. Keep an eye out on Instagram for updates.