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Someone Drove a Car Into Pinball Bar Wedgehead This Week

The driver smashed through the bar’s window, damaging a pinball machine and fully destroying a booth

A window is smashed with broken bits of wooden booth and glass outside Wedgehead in Portland.
A car smashed through the window at Wedgehead.
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

A car crashed into the side of Wedgehead early Thursday morning, according to a post on the Hollywood bar’s Instagram. At 12:40 a.m., a driver’s car smashed through the glass window of the bar, plowing through a booth and damaging a pinball machine. The bar was closed, and no one was hurt in the incident.

Co-owner Alan Robertson was having a shift drink with his staff downstairs when he heard a loud crash. The team went upstairs and found the front end of the car jutting into the building; the driver had already exited the vehicle when the Wedgehead team discovered the car. Robertson describes the driver as “coherent and apologetic,” and not visibly inebriated; there was an additional passenger in the car as well, who appeared physically unharmed after exiting the car, Robertson says.

The extent of the damage to the building, as well as the cost of repairs, is somewhat unclear at this point. Robertson says there is no clear evidence of structural damage, but the team won’t know for sure until it’s assessed by a structural engineer. Robertson expects the bar’s window to be boarded up for quite some time, but Wedgehead will continue to operate; it opened Thursday night as usual.

“If people want to come support us, it’s greatly appreciated,” he says. “We had a good night last night, which we’re grateful for.”

Eater Portland has reached out to Portland police for more information. Stay tuned for more updates.


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