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You Should Spend Your Summer Eating Peaches. Here Are a Few Ways You Can.

Ice cream, cocktails, pizza, and everything else in the teaches of peaches

A ball of Old Pal burrata, topped with shaved lemon rind, sits on a plate of basil oil surrounded by nectarines and blueberries.
A Baird peach and burrata salad from Old Pal.
Brooke Jackson-Glidden/Eater Portland
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

While Georgia has been tooting its own little horn for years over its peaches, Oregon and Washington have been slowly killing it when it comes to stone fruit. Maryhill peaches benefit from hot days, less rain than the western part of the state, and cool nights; they’re sweet, eat-over-the-sink sort of peaches when they’re ripe, impossibly juicy. Baird Family Orchards also has its devotees; their trees benefit from the same conditions as the region’s wine grapes, which allow them to ripen over time, to develop a more nuanced depth of flavor.

Even more than heirloom tomatoes, Portland chefs salivate over peaches once they’re in season. At this point, you’re more likely to see a peach burrata salad in August than a traditional caprese. So here’s your quick-and-dirty guide to various ways you can eat peaches in Portland, before the season ends.

Buy Them Whole

Duh, right? Grocery stores like Zupans and New Seasons are going to keep local peaches in stock while they can, but if you want to go straight to the source, Baird Family Orchards and Maryhill Fruit Company both sell their peaches at the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University, along with many other Portland-area markets; you can usually find the market schedule on Instagram. The Baird line is almost always long, unless you get to the market right when it opens, but for some reason, Maryhill is usually easy to visit for a peach fix. To get Bairds when they’re less busy, try the Shemanski Park market on Wednesdays, on the other end of the park blocks.

Eat Them on Pizza

A number of Portland pizzerias are going to top a seasonal pie with stone fruit, but none may be as famous as the Peachzza, a beloved seasonal special from Tastebud that combines Baird peaches with jalapenos and basil. On the other side of the river, Red Sauce Pizza’s Peach Pit combines ricotta, jalepenos, and peaches — it’s best with the added bonus of spicy honey.

Eat Them With Burrata

We literally just talked about this in a recent map, but peaches and burrata are a classic combo. You can find that dish all over town, via our map, but to save you some time, we know Fino Bistro & Pizzeria, Old Pal, and Tartuca are all serving a version with peaches right now, while Cafe Olli and Bar Diane keep the category broad by using stone fruit. There are sure to be more versions from other restaurants in town coming soon (looking at you, Jacqueline), but for now, keep an eye on Instagram.

Eat Them With Ice Cream

It’s actually quite surprising how few peach ice cream variations we’ve seen so far, though that may change soon. You have until Monday, August 15 to get Sugarpine Drive-In’s peach and coconut cream sundae, a swirl of vanilla coconut and peach oat milk soft serve with fresh peaches, sweet tea Jell-O, whipped coconut cream, and coconut-oat brittle. Over at What’s the Scoop, Rose City Pepperheads helped them develop the Peaches and Scream ice cream, a combination of Pacific Northwestern peaches, as well as peppadew and habanero peppers, for a little sweet heat. The Village Ice Cream Factory in Multnomah Village has a boozy peach bellini flavor for those over 21.

Eat Them in Pie

This is another no-brainer, but yes, peach pie is a banger. Of course, Lauretta Jean’s is offering a classic peach pie, but also peach streusel, peach-boysenberry streusel, and peach sour cream. The gluten-free or vegan can head to Petunia’s Pies instead for bumble berry peach pie or sour cherry peach pie. Our pie map will have even more options; just be sure to call ahead to make sure it’s in the case.

Drink Them in a Cocktail

There are a few spots where you can drink your peaches this year: When Maryhill peach season rolls around, Rum Club busts out the Peach Blendies, a blended spiced rum drink with peaches, lime, and mint. The Happy Accidents at Hey Love combines white peach with gin, white wine, and elderflower for a summery, perfumey treat.

Know of another favorite Portland peach preparation? Let us know via the tip line.