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Get the Picnic Gear Because the World’s Largest Charcuterie Board Is About to Hit Portland

Plus a Top Chef alum opens East Coast Italian food bar in North Portland and more food news

Charcuterie is coming to Portland in a literally big way.
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Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

There they were, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen on a grassy hill in Pixar’s “Up.” With a bottle of wine and a picnic basket, the married couple was the picture of happiness. The only thing that could have made the scene better would’ve been if their snacks were 500 feet long. Thankfully, the Oregonian reports local nonprofit Portland Fruit Tree Project aims to create such a charcuterie board, the largest ever made to be viewed on October 26 at the Redd on Salmon Street.

The nonprofit is all about gleaning, or reincorporating otherwise discarded leftover fruit into goods again. This enormous charcuterie board will host just such products in addition to meats from purveyors including Olympia Provisions and vegan options from companies including Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. The board won’t break any official records from Guinness, though, as it will course around a showroom whereas the record company demands any record-breaking boards be lined up straight. Tickets go for either $35 or VIP for $100 which includes a custom charcuterie board to take home.

Top Chef alum brings East Coast Italian food to North Portland

Also from the Oregonian comes news that BJ Smith, who competed on Top Chef and owned Smokehouse Tavern, just opened a new bar, Sit-Tite, at 6214 North Interstate Avenue. Coming off a six-month stint at the ultra buzzy Okta in McMinnville, Smith is taking things in a new direction; Sit-Tite’s menu is all about “blue collar East Coast Italian fare,” he told the paper. Think fried calamari, fried ravioli, lots of Parm sandwiches, and stiff drinks of both the alcoholic and boozeless varieties.

Today’s National Coffee Day (apparently). Portland is ranked the number two city in the States for the brew.

National Coffee Day was launched in 2015 by the International Coffee Organization, and eight years later it looks like the Rose City is ranked number two for strong coffee culture among U.S. cities. That’s because, according to WalletHub, Portland is the number one researched city for coffee and tea producers per capita, 18th for percentage of households owning an espresso or cappuccino maker, and 21st for average spending on coffee per household. The personal finance outlet polled 100 cities in the United States over 12 questions and then ranked them from one being the best in a category to 50th being average.