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What Kind of Restaurant Does Portland Need in 2024?

A Greek taverna? A “badass izakaya”? Tell us what kind of restaurant should open in Portland this year.

<span data-author="7916">Izakaya Ronin </span>
Izakaya Ronin in Denver. Thai restaurateur Akkapong Earl Ninsom suggested that someone should open a “badass izakaya” in 2024.
Ryan Dearth/Eater Denver
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

At the end of 2023, in our annual Year in Eater series, I said something that triggered a wave of feedback that kept rolling in through the final days of the year: “We’ve hit peak pizza.” In other words, I don’t think we need to see any new pizzerias open in 2024.

Some of you vehemently agreed, exhausted by the surplus of — very good! — pizza shops that have flooded Portland in the last five years. Others firmly disagreed, saying their neighborhoods were underserved or specific styles were underrepresented. But the input also inspired a secondary question: What should open instead?

I have my own answers: a Greek taverna or diner with a great avgolemono soup; a strong, centrally located Korean tofu house; a Taiwanese bakery. I also asked friends, food community members, chefs, and line cooks for their answers. Daniel Rushton, a line cook at Devil’s Dill, wants to see “an actual fucking bistro” with “affordable French fare” open this year. Former Simpsons showrunner and social media personality Bill Oakley said he wants to find a spot for “a great Chicago dog now that Off the Leash left.” Food photographer Melissa Slate wants to encounter a “really rad salad bar,” and restaurateur Akkapong Earl Ninsom is crossing his fingers for a “badass izakaya.”

But now that 2024 is here, Eater Portland wants to hear from you. What type of restaurant does Portland desperately need? What kinds of restaurants, cuisines, restaurant models do you want to see more of in 2024? Email us at pdx@eater.com, with the subject line “2024’s most wanted.” We’ll share some of our favorite answers in the coming weeks. For now, here are the restaurants we know are coming in the months ahead.