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Award-Winning Cider Company Bauman’s Will Open an Expansive Portland Taproom

Bauman’s will take over the Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room space, opening a second cidermaking facility and, in the spring, a taproom with food made using family farm produce

Christine Bauman Walter, the founder of Bauman’s Cider.
Christine Bauman Walter.
Bauman’s Cider
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

Gervais-area cider company Bauman’s, known for its award-winning hard ciders and elaborate harvest festival, will open its first Portland cidery and tasting room in the former Ecliptic Brewing Moon Room. When it opens in January, Bauman’s Portland facility will focus on larger-scale cider production, reserving its Mid-Valley facility for small-batch and single-varietal ciders. The Portland tasting room will open in the spring, with 30 taps and a food menu incorporating Bauman’s Farm produce.

Elizabeth Bauman founded Bauman’s Farm in 1895, growing fruits and vegetables sold exclusively at a community farm market on Howell Prairie Road. Over time, the family farm grew, opening its own farm market and hosting one of the region’s largest harvest festivals. The family had been fresh-pressing cider for decades, but in 2016, head cidermaker Christine Bauman Walter founded the farm’s hard cider company, producing everything from single varietal ciders to flavors like strawberry mojito and guava grapefruit. Much of the fruit in the ciders comes from the family farm, including heirloom apple varieties, stonefruit like peaches, and berries; Bauman Walter sources all other produce for the ciders from a range of Pacific Northwestern farms. The cider company has won several awards for its ciders during its tenure, including Midsize Cidermaker of the Year at the 2022 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition and Medium Cidery of the Year at the 2022 Northwest Cider Cup.

The Portland location will be a far more elaborate tasting room for the ciders, compared to the small tasting area at Bauman’s Gervais farm. The tasting room’s 30 taps will showcase the year-round and seasonal ciders from the company; the food menu is still in development, though the team intends to specifically highlight Bauman’s produce. The space itself can host 230 people, both indoors and on an expansive outdoor patio. The new space will make the Portland Bauman’s location one of the most expansive spaces for cider drinking in the city, alongside places like Schilling Cider House.

Bauman’s will open at 930 SE Oak Street.