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Tell Us: What Do You Consider to Be Portland’s Most Underrated Restaurant?

For an upcoming map update, we want to hear from you

A table at St. Jack. Carla J. Peña/Eater Portland
Brooke Jackson-Glidden is the editor of Eater Portland.

It has been quite a few years since we updated our underrated restaurants map, partially because it is a tricky map to update: Eater Portland staffers and contributors are, by the nature of our platform, people who “rate” restaurants, and when people discuss restaurants being over- or underrated, they often refer to press attention.

Of course, being “underrated” is more than just evading Eater maps and best-of lists — often, these are restaurants that have been killing it in the neighborhood for years, steady enough to stay open while rarely accruing a significant wait on weekdays. They’re consistent; regulars generally trust that they are going to have a great meal at every visit.

But to do our underrated map update justice, we need to hear from you, our readers. What is the restaurant you wait to see appear on the 38, to no avail? Which restaurant is the closest to your third place, the dining room where you celebrate your birthday or anniversary or promotion? We want to know. Tell us by emailing with the subject line “underrated restaurants,” and we’ll start working through the list as soon as Monday, January 29. Who knows — maybe it’ll end up on more maps down the line.