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Lawsuit Alleges a Portland-Area Red Robin Employee Put Semen in a Customer’s Salad

Southern Oregon Church Sues City of Brookings for Limiting Free Meals for the Unhoused

Ex-Cordon Bleu Portland Students To Get Tuition Money Back in Lawsuit

Oregon Bakery That Wouldn’t Bake a Cake for Same Sex Couple Loses Final Appeal

Contractors Allege Missing Payments on Now-Closed Omerta Restaurant [Updated]

Heart Coffee Sues Heart Pizza For Infringement

Killer Burger Sues Rock and Roll Chili Pit Owners

Lawsuit Is the Latest Controversy at Happy Valley Station Food Cart Pod

Lardo Hit With Lawsuit Number Two

Cartlandia Sues Mayor Charlie Hales for Homelessness Allowance

Little Big Burger Founders to Pay $675K in Unpaid Wages Settlement

Chipotle Investigated by Federal Grand Jury; Served Subpoena

Anti-Gay Bakery Finally Pays Court-Ordered Damages

Ramzy Hattar Breaks Silence on Lardo/ChefStable Lawsuit

Lardo/ChefStable Face Legal Battle for Ownership