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Shaved Oregon white truffles
Shaved Oregon white truffles
Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

Where to Eat Oregon White and Black Truffles This Weekend

Find Oregon's local stash of the fine foraged tubers

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Shaved Oregon white truffles
| Mattie John Bamman/EPDX

Oregon is lucky enough to be home to four of the world's seven edible species of truffles, and now is the height of truffle season, which runs January to March locally. Here are several Portland restaurants that will be slicing and infusing the rare culinary ingredient in their kitchens this weekend.

The four edible truffle species found in Oregon are the Oregon winter white truffle (Tuber oregonense), the Oregon spring white truffle (Tuber gibbosum), the Oregon black truffle (Leuca ngium carthusianum), and the Oregon brown truffle (Kalapuya brunnea). While they bear some resemblance to France's black Perigord truffles and Italy's famous white truffles, each has its own aromas and style, just like different grape varieties.

In addition to being shaved over a freshly plated dish, which is the way most people eat truffles around the globe, Oregon's truffles are particularly suited for infusing fatty products, like oil, butter, and cheese. That means that while nary a truffle may be in sight, its potent aromas should dominate the dish. Get 'em before they're gone.

(Note: The points on this map guide are not ranked; rather, they're organized geographically.)

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Seared foie with Oregon black truffle [Photo: Facebook/Imperial]

Park Kitchen

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Oregon black truffle [Photo: Mattie John Bamman/EPDX]

Le Pigeon

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[Photo: Facebook/Le Pigeon]

Farm Spirit

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Farm Spirit's "Kohlrabi Noodle," with Oregon black truffle emulsion, apple-parsley juice, King Oyster mushroom, and chickweed [Photo: Mattie John Bamman/EPDX]


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[Photo: Facebook/Verdigris]

Oregon black truffles [Photo: Mattie John Bamman/EPDX]