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Week in Reviews

People Are Not Happy with New Dumpling Spot Yong Kang Street

The Mercury Food Critic Is Really, Really Into Sushi Restaurant Nimblefish

Iconic Critic Ruth Reichl Raves for Maurice

Is Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine Really Worth It?

The O Finds Portland’s ‘Best’ Soup Dumplings; WWeek Tackles Pine Street Market Brunch

Critics Tackle Tusk: A “Beautiful Salad Bar”; “Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype”

PoMo Reviews Bamboo Sushi's Annex; The O Takes On Poke Mon

PoMo Dishes On Hat Yai | The O Goes In Search Of Ramen In NoPo

PoMo Dishes On Paiche | The O Goes In Search Of Panzerotti Gold

Merc Finds Portland's Best Brunch | The O Ranks Arrosto a Top Cheap Eats Spot

Pine Street Market Deemed 'Massive Disappointment' | The Hairy Lobster 'a Mess'

Top Portland Food Critics Tackle Pizza Jerk

PoMo Disembowels Restaurant Run by 2016 James Beard Semifinalist

The Oregonian and WWeek Review Portland’s Newest Pizzerias

Karen Brooks Takes on Muscadine’s Fried Chicken | Michael Russell Gives Taylor Railworks 2.5 Stars

PoMo Reviews Thrive Sauce & Bowls | WWeek Weighs in on The Feisty Lamb

The Oregonian Reviews Portland's Best Taiwanese Food

The Mercury Takes The Feisty Lamb to Slaughter; Praises La Moule for Flexing Its Mussels

The Oregonian Digs Mama San Soul Shack; WWeek Finds Portland's Best Oysters

The Oregonian Crushes on Coquine; LeChon’s Logo-Branded Buns Fail to Impress WWeek

PoMo Declares Hop Dog in Identity Crisis and Applauds 20 Years of King Burrito

Russell Chooses Mucca Osteria Over Burrasca; WWeek Names The Zipper's Top Sandwich

The Oregonian Loves the Revamped Little Bird; WWeek Pans Hop Dog

Renard? Meh. But Nachos Get Their Day in The Oregonian Sun

The Oregonian Finds The 'Best Ramen'; Broth Bar Gets Regurgitated; Merc Reviews The O

Smokehouse Tavern's 'Best Bite' Revealed by Oregonian; It's Not The Beef Rib

Portland's "Best New Vietnamese"; Bon Appétit Loves Us; Pream Reviewed

Everybody Loves Bing Mi!

Thumbs Up For Tasty N Sons' New Menu; Verdigris Sparkles at Brunch

Two Takes on Bamboo Izakaya; Praise for Xico

Three Sparklers for Kachka; Brooks Files on Maurice

Two Takes on Son of a Biscuit; Simplicity at Pizza Maria